how to measure rice?..before cook or after?

  1. how to measure rice?..before cook or after?

    this might seem like a dumb question but i've been trying to get hold of Calorie info for rice.

    I'm always seeing things such as 1 cup of rice has 53g carbs etc.

    When they say 1 cup, are they talking about the raw rice or the cooked rice (after it's absorbed a lot of the water and has increased in size by zillion times). and does anyone know how much a "Cup" refers to, in terms of grams or ounces.


  2. it says on the box. 1 serving before cooking.

  3. Well if your going to measure for eating I would go with cooked rice size. So I would think it is 1 cup of brown rice has 32g of carbs.

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  4. I think you can search on calorieking or livestrong sites for the nutritional info on stuff.

  5. 2lb bag of brown rice in front of me

    Serving size 1/4 cup dry (3/4cup cooked)
    150cals 32g carbs, 3g protein

  6. I'm span-glish so I eat....white, long grain: 1 cup cooked - 205 cals, ~45g carbs, ~4g protein

  7. Yes they are all correct. The calorie count on the box/bag of rice is going to say how many calories per cooked serving (ususally 1/2 - 3/4 cup) and 1 cup is 8 ounces

    Better be brown rice! ha Cheers!

  8. 100g of RAW rice contains 70g of carbs.
    100g = 4oz.

  9. thanks guys. So it is BEFORE cooking.
    and 1 cup = 8 ounces


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