5 Years of Bulking!!!! I finally need to CUT!

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    Lightbulb 5 Years of Bulking!!!! I finally need to CUT!


    I am 25 and I have been training for 5 years and I have been doing nothing but bulking. I started out at 140lbs with my height being 6 foot I was SUPER skinny. Typical ecto, long arms/legs.

    I have been putting on steady weight these last few years and I leveled out at about 165lbs which was about average size. Not huge by any means.

    This winter I have done a T-roid cycle and I have put on 18lbs of mass. I currently weight 180lbs+. I have 3 more days left on cycle and then I am going to start my PCT where i will probably lose 4-6lbs of water and glycogen.

    My current body fat is around 20% which has gone up by 1% while on cycle. I used scales which have a body fat reader on them to measure this (not sure how accurate it is)

    Anyhow my plan now is to cut my body fat down to under 15% while keeping as much muscle as possible! Now I have been bulking for 5 years and have never even thought about cutting before! So I am completely new to this....

    Here is my current diet.

    2 scoops of Pro mass in semi milk - 340cals
    Multi vit
    Cod liver oil

    Porridge oats with whey protein and semi skimmed milk - 300 cals

    Tuna/Chicken sandwich on brown bread x 2 - 300 cals

    Chicken/can of tuna/ham slices - 150 cals

    Porridge oats with whey protein and semi skimmed milk - 300 cals

    Pro mass 2 scoops with semi skimmed milk - 340cals

    Work Out 7pm
    Glusoce drink
    Whey Protein shake - 200 cals

    Larger evening meal... chicken/salmon/beef/lamb + Rice(wholegrain)/Potatoes/Sweet potatoes - 600-700cals


    Cottage cheese/Peptide fusion(slow release protein)

    So thats what I eat on a regular basis. How much do i need to change my diet? I know I have to consume less calories but how much less? Can i keep with the same diet just make the portions smaller? Is there food I should avoid thats in my current diet? I am hoping i dont have to completely change my diet and that I can just tweak what I have.

    This is my work out routine....

    Monday - Legs
    Squats 3x8
    Leg Press 3x8
    Quad curls 3x8
    Leg extensions 3x8
    Calf raises 3x15

    Tuesday - Shoulders
    Military Press 3x8
    Flies 3x8
    Shrugs 3x8
    Upright row 3x8
    Shoudler press (machine) 3x10

    Wednesday - Back
    Deadlifts 3x8
    Lat pull down 3x8
    Side rows 3x8
    Pull ups 3x8
    Verticel row(machine) 3x8

    Thursday - Chest
    Flat bench press 3x8
    Incline dumb bell press 3x8
    Decline dumb bell press 3x8
    Flies/cable flies 3x10

    Friday - Arms/Abs
    Bicep curls 3x10
    Skull crushers 3x10
    Hammer curls 3x10
    Tricep push downs 3x10
    Preacher curls 3x10
    30 mins various abs.

    Will me work out have to be drastically tweaked?

    I was also thinking of taking a fat burning product such as "Grenade" will this help me much do you think? Or just a waste of money?

    Any advice would be helpful guys, as I said I am totally new to the idea of losing weight. I usually get on the scales and if i have lost weight I am angry!


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    maybe I overread it, but where is your cardio?

    Also, did you consider a CKD diet?
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    You are right! My cardio is non existant!

    I was going to incorp a 90 minute game of soccer on a Monday. And then 4-5 20-30minute runs during the week in the late evening.

    I havent looked at CKD. I will do some reading. Will this drastically change my diet?

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    probably bud read up on it and ull see its a highly used diet around the forums here, and do not get a fat burner yet, get your diet in check first, i think you need more whole foods you have like 4-5 shakes a day not that your cutting you need to eat healthy whole foods spaced out and you will see results
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    Yeah the shakes do need to go down I guess.

    What can I replace my whey and porridge with? I want to keep the one in the morning as I feel this gives me a lot of energy.

    Replace the others with a can of tuna? Or do I still want carbs at those meals?
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    I would start the cut after PCT.


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