need some suggestions... Have to lose weight.

  1. need some suggestions... Have to lose weight.

    Im not 245 as my about me says. Im 260 now...last summer I went down to 240 from 255...... Damn winter made me hibernate... Anyways... Im the type that goes up and down in weight. I can lift and get big pretty quickly but I cant lose stomach, spare tire weight quickly. I do notice that my arms begin to show more defenition and i lose fat there first. I want to be able to lose a steady 2 or so lbs a week after I start hitting the treadmill.

    I started 3 weeks ago. Started by lifting a little bit(again). I havent hit the treadmill yet though. I usually do curls and bench and I do chest.(i can move my I have been doing those workouts lightly for 3 weeks now.
    I also throw in some crunches here and there.

    This would be my fourth week and I am going to start taking N.O.Xplode before my workouts and start lifting more. I also started alli last week and so far I like it.

    Right now im still at 260. I did start eating healthier since last week though since I started alli.

    My questions are...

    Is it ok for me to take NO Xplode as a booster for my lifting?

    Would it be a good idea to drink a protein shake (gold standard on 100% whey) right after my workouts? keep in mind that i want to lose weight. Will that help me a little?
    What other things do you guys suggest I do?

    I am sort of new on this forum btw.

  2. Search around, all the info you need is on this board. Look for the master cutting thread by rugger, that's a good place to start.

    To directly answer your questions, I see no problem with taking NO Xplode or drinking a protein shake after workouts. But these are insignificantly small pieces of the puzzle.

    You have to learn that 85% of losing your extra fat is about your diet (both what you eat and how much). Do the research and start a log of your diet on fitday or something like that. Good luck

  3. Yeah before when I was lifting i would eat chicken breast and pork and drink shakes. I was taking methyl 1d back then and I was on a roll. I fell back but this time im going at it full throttle. Ill research what you told mne. thx. Any other suggs?

  4. eat less. plus 2lbs a week is a little ambitious to maintain for any length of time too.

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