m-1-t post-cycle question

  1. m-1-t post-cycle question

    I will be doing 2 week on, 2 week off cycles until the bottle is gone (90 pills, 5mg a pill, 2 a day).

    with only being on for 2 weeks at a time, do i still need to take some nolv or 6-oxo? or will i be ok taking lots of good fat (fish oil, flax oil etc)

  2. SEARCH for gods sake SEARCH

  3. I did search

    almost everyone is taking nolv, 6-oxo etc. What i'm wondering is if i can regain test levels just by taking in excess healthy fats, since fats help raise test levels.

    But a huge thank you to your most informative helpful answer.

  4. You just answered your own question get some nolva or clomid.

  5. Exactly. If you don't think you need anything, you don't need to be taking it.



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