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    Im 6' 2" 220 right now and i am planning on starting to cut weight and fat. right now i know i have a unhealthy diet and i dont know where to start on keto. i know the idea behind it but im not sure what equation i should use to find my fat/protien/carb ration. i dont know what an ideal diet would be to really start dropping weight. my goal is 200 lbs. maybe this would just be a good time for everyone to say what they eat during the day. im thinking that i should eat 4-5 eggs in the morning and ham, then steak and a little salad for lunch along with cheese. then protien shake after workout then chicken for dinner. what do you think.
    help is very appreciated.

  2. Goto they have all the info you could want about a keto diet. But for your diet you will want about 2400-2700 cals a day. You will want to do 1g protein per pound of LBM and the rest fat and stay under 20g of carbs a day. Fiber doesn't count towards your carbs for the day. The diet you posted would be ok I wouldn't do chicken for dinner though unless it was on a salid with chesse and bacon. On a keto diet you need to eat lots of fat.

  3. Good advice by FTMguy. Check out the CKD website, they have some good mods, other than that Scotty2 jerk-off.

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