calorie counting need help!!!

  1. calorie counting need help!!!

    ok so right now im on a diet from m&F magazine the drop ten lbs. its working i was at 230 three weeks ago weighed myself today 216.2 lbs. im feeling good. but i want to get down to 200.

    i need to know how many calories i need to take in to drop down to that weight. my diet is good but i want more intense results.

    diet looks like this

    2 eggs 4 egg whites whole wheat english muffin tablespoon of pb.

    three hours later during math class protein shake.

    then lunch can of tuna 2 cups of lettuce

    pre workout protein shake

    post workout 2 slices of bread and tablespoon of pb and jelly and protein shake.

    dinner 8 oz chicken breast two cups lettuce

    before bed protein shake.

    all n all that is about 2 466 calories but im just following the magazine but i want to get down to 200.

  2. if its not broke don't fix it until it does...why starve for an extra pound a week? you lost 15lbs in 3 weeks! good job

  3. its a marathon, not a sprint. What good will it do for you to crash down to 200 and not in the process learn how you need to eat to maintain that 200? otherwise you'll just balloon back up

  4. alright. good idea because balloning back up not what I want. thanks

  5. so what you really need to do is look for both activities as well as foods that you won't suddenly drop when you hit your goal. if doing cardio for 45 minutes 5x a week isn't realistic for you to do long term, then find some sorts of activities that are. And foodwise think about this... (reposting it again )

    So do you eat the muffin normally and then eat a ton of other stuff as well? or do you eat 1/3 of the pile of fruit and save the rest for later?

    Do you have the tart for 440 cals or just one bowl of the raspberries for 55 cals?

    Do you end up eating all the things on the left side, instead of the meal on teh right side that ends up being 1/3 the calories?

    This is from Dr Randy Shapiro's Picture Perfect Weight Loss



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