tighten skin

  1. tighten skin

    whats the best way to tighten the skin around my waist line? it do abs 2X a week and moderate cardio with a good healthy diet. i can "pinch an inch" even when i flex and i hate that.. any help please more cardio or abs 3X a week which is better i cant do bot because i do a full body workout along with school and work.

  2. Try reducing sodium/water. That will thin out, and tighten, your skin.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by futurepilot View Post
    Try reducing sodium/water. That will thin out, and tighten, your skin.
    I second the reduction of sodium levels, but definitely not water. If you start dropping water intake your body is just gonna hold onto the water you have, making you look bloated. Dehydrating yourself may make you look lean for a little while but as soon as you down a glass or you you'll puff right back up. Lower the sodium, up the water intake

  4. best way to just to diet it off real simple bro

    eat fish for a long time it thins the skin. fish oil works as well as far as nice healthy thinner skin.
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