All out of new ideas, Help critique my cutting diet

  1. All out of new ideas, Help critique my cutting diet

    5'6" 159lbs 21yearsold bf% =12... One of the healthiest eaters I know, except for my 2 maybe 3 cheat(highcarb) meals a week. Been trying to cut now for months. Have kept most of my muscle and have seen some results. I seem to be completely stuck at the bf% i'm at which is about 11/12%. Lift 5 days a week and cardio minimum 30mins 4 days a week. I have been lifting for about 4 years now so I'm not a new guy asking how the hell to get super 6 pack abs. But i've gained a lot of muscle I wana show off especially since i'm taking a semester abroad on the Gold Coast of Australia. I'm here for 4 months so help me out with this diet

    meal 1 (830am) 25g of protein isolate, 2 fried eggs, 1or2 pancakes and some fruit, and 1 pill green tea extract, iced coffee with splenda

    [B]meal 2[B] (between 11/1130am) 25 g of protein isolate

    workout from 12 to 130

    meal 3 (2pm) grilled chicken or steak on salad with honeymustard or balsalmic dressing and 30g of protein isolate

    meal 4 (5pm) 25 g protein iso

    meal 5 (730/8pm) chicken or beef with 3 cups of vegies.

    meal 6 (right before bed) 12.5 g of protein iso

    While I've just typed this I'm realizing i'm more than likely overkilling with the protein scoups. Either way, tell me what I might be doing wrong or what differences you would make or change here. I'm justtrying to break through this barrier cuz I can see that I could be really close to reaching my cutting goals. Perhaps I just need to switch something up. I'll be getting a picture up shortly after this thread.

    Thanks guys. love ANY and ALL constructive criticism!

  2. just uploaded pics from today on My Photos on my AM profile... **** i forgot to mention on previous post is that every day i consume about a gallon of water so no worries there

  3. I know your problem. You basically have ZERO fat in your diet! Up the fats and the mud will shed. Get on almonds, cashews, avocado, olive oil, fish oil, CLA etc. You need fat in your diet.

  4. im not not sure what kind of cardio you're doing but switch it up as well.

    if youre going the distance and running about 3~miles in those 30, switch to like walk 1 min, jog 2 min, and sprint 1 min and vice versa. If you do either fast enough you can easily do 3 miles or more in 30. This may help, but then again you may already do this.

    for me an my interval running, I walk at 3.5, jog at 7.0 and sprint at 8.4, im trying to up the sprinting speed, but Im always scared of falling off the tread .

    Hope any and all suggestions work for you, and good luck!

  5. Ya Dog, thanks for the cardio advice. however I do something pretty similar to that where i'll do 30 seconds jog speed 30 seconds sprint speed continuously throughout my cardio, every other day ill do just a simple 30 minute light speed. I'm more interested to where my diet needs improvement. hey Cub, where would u suggest i throw those fats into my meal plan, what meals, times, etc...???? anyone else have some suggestions?



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