Calories (Post-Cycle) M1T/4 Aderm

  1. Calories (Post-Cycle) M1T/4 Aderm

    Well Its over. My Cycle Ended yesterday. (Reference my Log for More Info.) Now its time to Start my 6-OXO.

    I went from 158-180.4 in 30 Days.

    My Cals were between 3200-3500

    I still want to get to 200 LB's SO Obviously i have to Still Bulk.

    Is That wise? Should I keep The Cals High?

  2. A high caloric intake is always advisable post cycle especially if bulking is your goal.


  3. how high above maintence should calories be when your only goal is HPTA recovery? Is 150-200 over maintence good enough?

  4. ill stay With The 3500 Then for a While.


  5. clomid/nolva for PCT over 6-oxo, imo (especially after a 30 day cycle)

  6. Luke bro!! Whats up??? Where you been????????

    Thanks for the Info!

  7. not too much big man... I have not really been posting anywhere... just doing alot of reading up, that's about it.

  8. Good to know your still around.

  9. Yeah, I just don't post much, I mostly read up on info at different forums

    avant labs
    muscle mayhem
    anabolic review
    muscle chemistry

    I don't post much because most of those sites have quite a few knowledgable bros (especially avant).

    what have you been up to?

  10. The same. I browse those Sites also. They are Awful Smart.

  11. Man wildman, you are like Emily Dickinson, all those capital letter randomly placed throught your sentences. I LOVE IT! It's your trademark.

  12. I just like to emphasise the important words.



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