Looking for Advice..! Cutting up.. or trying

  1. Looking for Advice..! Cutting up.. or trying

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    181.5 (As of this morning)

    I've played sports my whole life and most recently just stopped due to family problems. Ive never been ripped in my life but I had toning and looked fine without a shirt on. I just recently decided to get my **** straight and start dieting while hitting the gym very hard after improperly taking Dbol and gaining about twenty pounds of FAT. I know I know I was dumb..

    Since last wednesday, I've drank about 2 liters of water a day and did about 40 - 45 minutes of cardio at the gym then very light lifting at home. I started taking Xenadrine - RFA 1 (I was going to start an ECA cycle but I'm just going to wait for my clen to come in. *Ephedrine is no longer available on the market.. I looked everywhere*)

    Right now, with just Xenadrine - RFA 1, and a little will power, I've lost about 5 pounds in five days. My diet concerns me though because I'm trying to keep it under control but I don't know if I'm doing it right. My diet consists of a "feast" sandwich from subway (cheddar cheese, salami, pepperoni, ham, turkey, on whole wheat bread) before a work out.) I've also been eating two sausage egg and cheese biscuits from a gas station and a diet mt dew (only soft drink of the day) for breakfast. I usually don't eat lunch. I drink about two bottles of water though. If I'm hungry after a work out, I'll make me a salad and another bottle of water. (Take a Xenadrine before every meal and two before the "feast sandwich")

    I'm going to log my results for the next 6 weeks and I think next friday, I'll start my clen cycle using 2 weeks/on 2 weeks/off ramping up from 20/40/60 etc..

    I'm not really sure about my body fat % but I feel like it's pretty high (13%+)

    I'm really looking for advice from some of you more experienced guys =D

  2. how old are you? what kind of workout to do you do, is it a known kind like a 5x5 or what does it consist of? how many days a week do you lift and whats your calorie intake daily?

  3. I would probably consider chilling out on all of the saturated fats during the day. Also, I've found that my body responds best to 5-6 meals a day. Never skip meals because you'll mess with your insulin levels. When you skip then your insulin levels drop, when you eat later they spike. You need to keep your insulin levels neutral the whole day...eat every 2-3 hours. Trust me, I'm that girl during my college years on my dance team that tried to starve myself during certain meals and eat low calorie at other meals, even though they weren't great calories...at the time I was wondering why I was getting puffy instead of skinny. Years later I've become intune with my body and getting a handle on my diet has lead to more results than working out and supplements ever have.

    Instead of sausage and cheese biscuits, try microwaveable oatmeal from the gas station with beef jerky, or a scoop of protein powder in a bottle of milk. Instead of the salami and pepperoni on the sandwich, try just a whole wheat turkey and ham (double meat) with no cheese and only mustard and oil/vinegar.

    You aren't an overweight guy from your stats, but you may look a little bulkier than you are wishing for just from the diet that you say you're eating.

    Stay focused and good luck!

  4. The only thing I can add to littlejeni's post is post workout nutrition. You're killing your muscles with eating a salad after a workout. After a workout, especially one involving weights, you should have some carbs and protein. Its debated whether the carbs should be fast or not but something easy for you to do for post workout nutrition would be to have some chocolate milk, probably 16-32oz of it.

    Also, please wait to take any advanced "supplements" especially something like clen. Get your diet and workout in check before you start that. If you have any other questions or need help, feel free to PM me.

  5. I splurged today lol
    After class, I was starving so I ended up cooking up some microwaveable chicken tenders.. Damn they were so good but so bad. Probably about 1k cals, 30g of fat from that alone. I ate a sausage egg and cheese this morning with a mt dew a long with a bowl of cereal.. probably at about 1650 cals for the day so I should be alright.

    I'm 18

    My work out usually consists of 10 minutes of each - Stairmaster, Treadmill, Treadwall (Rock climbing but as a really intense exercise), and an elliptical trainer. When all this ice and snow fades out, I'll be at the gym looking to get an hour of cardio by adding 20 minutes of swimming in a lap pool. (down and backs)

    When at home (I'm semi-educated in working out, not sure if I'm doing it right), I usually do 65 lb (curls, hang clean, overhead press looking at ceiling, overhead press looking forward - bar going behind head) x 15 then 65 lb squats x 50
    -increase by 20 and repeat the above ^ at only 10 reps
    -increase by 16 and repeat the above ^ at only 5 reps

    I lift about 5 - 6 days a week (It's all light stuff) and my daily calorie intake was about 1800 - 2200 before this.

    I'm still pretty confused on the diet.. Could you layout what you would typically eat in a days time? or give me some typical foods I should be eating?

    I really appreciate you guys help! It's helping me a lot. =p

  6. I'm a little busy tonight but I'll get back to you within the next 24 hours.

  7. Thanks man..!

    I am also wanting to look into supplements to take in the morning (multivitamins, fish oil, etc.) and your opinion on them!

  8. Been out of power for a few days and especially out of the diet.. =)

    Advice still needed!


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