here is my precontest diet

  1. here is my precontest diet

    here is my precontest diet till i shall out

    m1-6whole eggs and 6 WHITES and a half bagel
    m2-8oz of lean meat with 2c of rice
    m3-8oz of lean meat with 2c of rice
    m4-50G WHEY n nuts PREWORKOUT WMS once i order some next week
    m4-50G WHEY nuts PREWORKOUT
    m6- 6oz of lean meat with some veggies and PB

    I do cardio 3x a week for 45

  2. It looks pretty good. What are the macros and calories?

  3. Drop the WMS IMO.

  4. seems like alot of carbs and not enough cardio for a precontest diet. For a cut looks pretty good but if trying to cut down to the 5% range i think your going to have to go alot lower on carbs. and cardio at least 1once a day

  5. Yeah, 2 cups of rice in a sitting is a lot, more than enough to elicit a huge insulin spike. I'd lower that or at least go brown rice with some fibrous veggies.

  6. i guess Blue Brolic didn't last long seeing he is already banned.

  7. Third time, too.


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