Deer Steak

  1. Deer Steak

    I am trying to cut fat and gain as much muscle as possible. Right now im 6' 2" 220 lbs. not sure about body fat. what kind of diet do you recommend, cause i have no idea where to start. also ive read that red meat is essential to alot of these diets and im a hunter so is deer steak as good a choice as beef?

    please help much apprectiated!

  2. Yes, it is actually leaner than beef you get from the grocery store. You can do a search and find out the exact nutriental content but I found this

  3. Dang i need to shoot me a Deer!!

  4. Deer steak & ground deer is great for cutting. I think its closer to chicken fat content than beef. Plus it's cheap if you hunt it yourself & tastes better than beef.

  5. Doesn't anyone worry about the chronic wasting disease that is very similar to Mad-Cow disease that is running rampant in all deer populations? The gov't keeps saying that their is no proof it can jump species and infect humans, but they said the same thing about the other until 10 years later it started showing up.

  6. It is only running rampant in the western states and some of the New England states where there a major over population issues..

  7. Minnesota's got it, Missouri(my state) had it's first cases this year. why take the chance. Eat buffalo, more creatine per pound

  8. Game meat, outside of the disease issues, is your best friend. It has a cleaner overall protein and fat profile than beef. No hormones or antibiotics either.

    Elk is the king!

  9. Horse is pretty good too, if you don't overdo it and get an excess-iron headache

  10. Isn't that what they make dog food from?


  11. The Horse is a noble animal. Cows and Pigs are ugly, we're doing them a favor eating them.

    My homage to Colonel Potter from MASH


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