I have had quite a bit of success cycling carbohydrates to lose body fat. If you are interested in giving this a try here is how I did mine. You will have 3 different days, high carb, medium carb and low carb. I tried to keep my high carb days close to my hardest and heaviest workout days.

1) When trying to gain mass:
High carb days = 1.5g/lb protein, 1.87g/lb carbs, 0.56g/lb fat
Moderate days = 1.5g/lb protein, 1.5g/lb carbs, 0.59g/lb fat
Low carb days = 1.5g/lb protein, 1.12g/lb carbs, 0.64g/lb fat

2) When trying to lose fat:
High(er) carb days = 1.5g/lb protein, 1.5g/lb carbs, 0.15g/lb fat
Moderate days = 1.5g/lb protein, 1.25g/lb carbs, 0.15g/lb fat
Low(er) carb days = 1.5g/lb protein, 0.94g/lb carbs, 0.15g/lb fat

I did the following cycle:
1. Legs heavy (high carbs)
2. Chest/triceps heavy (high carbs)
3. Back/biceps/shoulders heavy (moderate carbs)
1. Legs light (moderate carbs)
2. Chest/triceps light (moderate carbs)
3. Back/biceps/shoulders light (low carbs)
4. Day off low carbs

How you arrange the cycles depends on how you arrange your training. As for calories, I would suggest to try about 12cal/lb/bw to lose fat.