BF % Help....Appreciated....

  1. BF % Help....Appreciated....

    The top pic is now, and the bottom is me about 6 months ago...

    What is my % then and now..

    Thank you..

    The scales i use dont seem accurate as they all tell me something diff..

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  2. 7% is my guess

  3. I'd go with that.

  4. The thing is i way about 25 pds more in the top pic....

    and then bf% scales range from 6-10%


  5. 7-8% bottom pic top pic you could be holding water or glyocgen

  6. So what do you suppose w/ the top/current pic

  7. how do i reduce glycogen?

  8. bumpity BUMP

  9. what do you mean top and bottom, I see a left and right pic.

  10. well for me its top and bottom...the one w/ pants is the older pic...the newer one is the one in shorts

  11. Pants you look a lot leaner.

  12. well im 25 pounds heavier in the one where im wearing shorts...

  13. First thing, just cause I can't resist, Is that those legs need to be hit hard and heavy.

    I think you are around 5-6% in the bottom pic. Your waist has gotten considerably smaller, especially the obliques.

  14. Well the more recent one is the one that im wearing shorts...

    what do u think the bf% is

    yes i do lack legs LOL

  15. Great Job adding mass and being able to stay that lean. I'd say in the most recent pic, you are around 10%.

  16. diet is quite strict, but i have been eating a ton of p.b LOL

    would you say sub 10%?

  17. Out of curiosity, how big is your waist? I'd guess you were between 8-10%. Why not just go find a bodpod or underwater weighing or another very accurate method if you're that concerned? I'm not sure its that easy to just say you're a certain BF%.

  18. I wear size 30 jeans w/ some room to spare....

    i have a tanita scale, paid 125$....

  19. Top around 10, bottom a good solid 7%. You really leaned up. Thing is you can still look really good around 10% so don't be afraid to bulk up to that for some size. You still look very lean in the top pic.

  20. He had to be at most 10% in the top pic. He has visible abs. The bottom, after 25lbs, he has to be leaner than 7%. You need to go get in a bod pod and let us know the results.

  21. I'd say you are 8-9%.


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