Macros for a recomp....?

  1. Question Macros for a recomp....?

    Looking for some input from you guys as to the proper Macros for a recomp. I was thinking of 50/30/20 P/C/F.....any opinions are more than welcome. I too often try to low carb and drop muscle like crazy so this time around I am going for a recomp instead. Thank in advance guys.

  2. I would just go a couple hundred cals over your BMR. See what happens.

    Even 40/40/20/ would work I think.

  3. My BMR is 2230. I was thinking to shoot for 2700-2800. I think ill even try 40/40/20. I tend to be carb sensitive so Ill adjust to 50 30 20 if need be. Thanks for the input so far. Anyone else have anything that worked for them?

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