Need help with post work out meal

  1. Need help with post work out meal

    Ok so ive been bulking for awhile, and just started a cut phase. I've never cut before, just bulked, cruised, bulked, etc. So im new to cutting. I've pretty much got my diet and training down and cardio, but with my schedule I don't get home from the gym till 11 or 12pm, and try and hit bed by 1 or 2pm. I used to have a shake, bowl of oatmeal, bannana, and a couple egg whites, but that was bulk, I know I don't want any carbs that late especially before bed. I'll of course have a shake, but any suggestions on a post workout meal? Whats your favorite for cut? Thanks.


  2. I usually have 2 toasts and a protein shake with creatine after workout.
    that's 3 hours before sleeping and is my last meal.

    But then again, my progress has hit another plateau for over 2 weeks now.

  3. i like to take my protein shake with creatine, plow some cottage cheese and some almonds about an hour or so before bed.

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