Dcp/lr/recreate = Overkill?

  1. Dcp/lr/recreate = Overkill?

    just trying to shed as much bodyfat as possible for the next 2 months id say...just wondering if this is an overkill by stacking it with recreate as well since im def. going to go with DCP/LR.....has anyone ever ran this? I plan on ordering everything by tommorow...thanx

  2. havent tried that stack but im ordering either a dcp/lr stack or dcp/recreate stack, i read in one thread that a person didnt get the best results cuz the products interfered with eachother so if not this stack choose one and the one you dont pick start that up when your stack runs out ya kno

  3. If you can handle caffeine, then you could do LR & recreate, although personally I wouldn't be able to. They would complement eachother though. Order both and try working your way up from 1/1 of each to 2/2, and see how it goes. If it's too much, either stick w/ 1/1 or just use one and save the other for later.

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