More effective glucose disposal agent on CKD

  1. More effective glucose disposal agent on CKD

    Which glucose disposal agent is more effective on CKD, vanadyl sulfate or ALA?

  2. Ive done research on this very subject recently, and I've found that VS and Bitter Melon are both very strong Disposal agents. Alot of guys swear by KR-ALA too. I'm using plain old ALA, as I got a ton of it cheap. Not sure how well it's working, or how to gauge it yet.

  3. I'd probably shoot for the ALA as the research seems more sound as I remember. However VS might be quite a bit cheaper.

    In my experience if you are running a CKD long enough these are really not necessary to begin with...

  4. What kind of dose would you run the vanadyl at?

  5. Slightly more potent that ALA, we have Na-R-ALA caps . I do like bulk PSlin (which is corosolic acid, 10%), and we should have 20% CA caps @ NP within the next few months.



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