Logging my progress on Lipo 6/ephedrine stack

  1. Logging my progress on Lipo 6/ephedrine stack

    I felt that I needed accountability in order for me to keep up with the training and the diet. So I'm logging my progress here and hope to get some encouragement (or critique) as well!

    Female/28 years old
    Current weight: 136lbs
    My goal: 115lbs - Need to lose 21lbs
    January: 12lbs first! Then I'm taking it slow!
    Supplements: Lipoe 6/ephedrine stack, fish oil, multi, vitamin C

    Few fat burners I've tried didn't work and I stopped taking it after 2-3 weeks because I was crashing really bad. I've heard some good things about the Lipo 6/eph stack and hope that my experience and result can help others.

    I started Lipo 6/ephedrine stack on 1/2/09 and started training yesterday. I was such a chicken about stepping on the scale and didn't get on it until this morning when I felt that I lost at least some water weight (thanks to the stack!). And just as I expected I was 136lbs which is 10lbs more than my usual weight.

    1/3 Total cal intake = 1390, No workout
    1/4 Total cal intake = 1362, Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred Level 1
    1/5 Total cal intake so far = 942 cal, Jillian Michaels 30 Shred Level 1 and Cardio Max Level 1 for total of 50 minutes

    Couple of questions
    1. My heart rate monitor (Timex Ironman) said that during the 50 minute workout today that I burned about 670 cal with average heart rate of 147bpm. I feel like I burned so much more than I actually did. Couple of calculators based on HR on the web seem to be about the same range although one said 560 cal. Should I just go with my HR monitor calculation?

    2. I had planned on eating about 1200-1400 cal. And I'm cutting out a lot of carbs especially at night. But if I work out everyday and consistently burn about the same calories as above (600-700 cal) I feel like the range is too low. How many cal should I eat for maximum fat loss without damaging metabolism? Should I just stick to the numbers and do a high calorie (1500-1700) day every 4-6 days or so?


  2. dipping more than 800 calories below maintenance for the day is borderline starve mode

  3. Yes, I would think so, too.
    Based on my stats, my BMR is 1377. Multiplying 1.6 for activity factor (on the workout days), I would have to consume about 2200 to maintain. Now if I want to lose weight, should I just subtract 500 cal from 2200 and eat about 1700 cal and burn about 500-600 cal from working out?

    Anyone else want to give their input? Come on, I need your help!

    1/6/09 (Day 5)

    I was not so good yesterday because I didn't work out and my diet wasn't great. (NO WORKOUT?! BAD ME!) I had to run errands and didn't eat for few hours after taking my second dose of Lipo6/eph and by the time I got home I had a headache and was shaking a little so I had banana/milk/protein shake. I was going to work out afterwards but gave myself an excuse because I had only consumed about 900 by 7pm and didn't think it was a good idea to work out when I knew I could even meet my BMR level cal.

    8:45 1 Lipo 6/ephedrine 1/2
    9:00 1/4 cup Oatmeal+sugar 170
    10:20 1 multi, 1 egg+2 egg whites+coconut oil 134
    11:00 2 fish oil 20
    1:00 1/2 english muffin+1tsp jam 100[/INDENT]1.5 scoop protein 105
    2:35 1 Lipo 6/ephedrine 1/2
    5:40 1.5 scoop protein+1/2 banana+1/3cup milk 175
    6:20 2/3 cup buckwheat cereal+1/2 cup milk+1tbs AB 251
    8:40 4oz. Chicken+1/2 cup veggies+1 tbs parmesean cheese 220
    9:30 1 almond biscotti 110
    11:40 2 fish oil 20
    TOTAL 1305


    Still taking 1 Lipo 6 and 1/2 Bronkaid

    One thing I noticed about the stack is that I didn't feel like I was jacked up the until I didn't eat enough. Up until yesterday other than somewhat reduced hunger and appetite I was still craving at night. I didn't even feel like I was taking any supplements. From what I read from others' experiences, Lipo 6 doesn't really start working until about a week in so that may have been the reason. But for the first time, I really had no appetite yesterday.

    I also crashed yesterday. I have been going to bed around 1:30-2am and waking up around 8am so maybe lack of sleep may have been the reason but I fell asleep hard (not knowing falling asleep with all the lights on!) and couldn't wake up early this morning which is my usual crashing symptom. I think not eating enough really has a lot to do with it.

    This morning after I had my dose of stack I felt jittery for the first time since I started taking it. I'm wondering if it's still after effects from yesterday. I'm going to see if my appetite is gone today after eating more. And I WILL WORK OUT!!!

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