Time for me to do a cut...

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  1. Time for me to do a cut...

    I decided its time for me to see what is underneath some of this fat. I've been lifting now for about 4 years, the last 3 pretty seriously. I haven't been all that good on diet, but I've put on some good muscle and have gained a lot of strength.

    Here's a pic of me before I started lifting. I think this is shortly after I quit drinking as I don't have that bloated look that I did while I was drinking.

    Here's a few from tonight. Currently weigh 222lbs.



    Front Flexed:

    I carry a lot of fat in my chest, and obviously my "love handles" I want that **** gone! My arms and legs are really vascular.

    Not sure how low I want to go, but 190 is sounding pretty good. I've got a good arsenal of supps to help me out, DCP, P-Slin, and Yellow Gold will be staples. Maintenance cals on workout days is 4k, and 2K on non workout days according to the formula posted by USP Labs in the Pslin discussion. I will be going 500 under on workout days (4 days a week currently) and not sure about non-workout days yet... probably 250 below maintenance. Will be adding cardio into my routine again, mainly treadmil, but lately I have taken a liking to the heavy bag and have a guy at the gym working with me on that.

    I aint as big and buff as a lot of you... Had to overcome a phobia to post these pics, but I thought it would help me keep on track if I did. I plan on posting several times a week here, and pics once a week. Your support is greatly appreciated!

    Also... I have a pair of calipers coming from Nutraplanet. Will be posting weekly bodyfat % as soon as I learn how to use them.
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  2. RapidFatLoss by Lyle Mcdonald.


  3. Good luck with the cut are you going to keep muscle loss to a minimum on a diet such as a CKD or TKD, or are you just looking to lose fat period?

  4. I think I'm just going to low carb... not enough to induce ketosis though. I think that and the supplements I have lined up should keep me burning fat and keeping muscle loss to a minimum.

    Workout days I am going to start out by trying the shake that USPlabs suggests to use with P-Slin. Its about 200 carbs, but then thats pretty much it for the day. Non workout days I think I'm gonna try to stay around 50 grams of carbs. I have not sat down and worked out meal plans yet. I'll do that tomorrow night at work with my laptop and my copy of the fitday software.

  5. What kind of cardio and how long will you be doing it for? HIIT is great for fat loss!

  6. I don't know if I'm ready for HIIT lol. I've been doing 2 miles a day on the treadmill at the gym at a 3.7-4.0 pace. I'm also doing the stairs at work (5 floors) with a 40 pound weight vest on. Trying to do that twice per shift 5 nights a week.

  7. Sounds like you have a plan. Have you thought of putting your speed down to 2.8-3.2 and putting a 7-10% incline on the treadmill? Does wonders for burning fat and maintaining muscle

  8. Unfortunately, the incline function doesn't work on any of the treadmills at the gym.

  9. That's too bad, I bet your stair climbing has the same effect though. I'm interested to see how your stack works for you, i have little to no experience with weight loss supps, can't wait to get my recreate out here, unfortuneately it takes mail forever to get to iraq

  10. My stuff is supposed to arrive tomorrow night. I'm getting hyped

  11. Good luck!!! I start my cut tomorrow so we will be partners in starvation! LOL

    Good muscle base going for you!

  12. Thanks! You gonna run a log?

  13. Yeah I think so.. I have a log going now that I might just continue. But I'll have a new one before its said and done. I have to be Arnold ready by March.
  14. Smile

    sorry im late red!subbed!
    board supporter

  15. Naw.. Your not late! I'm just starting. Thanks for joining!

  16. I just noticed your grandpa thing! Who is having a baby!!!

  17. You have come a long way so far. Keep up the motivation and you will hit your goals.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by crader View Post
    I just noticed your grandpa thing! Who is having a baby!!!

    lol... My oldest daughter called me about 2 weeks ago and told me the news. She's 20 now. Its not quite under the kind of circumstances that I'd like to see, but I have come to learn that I'm not in control of very much in this life So sometime in early July I will be a grandpa. Kinda funny... I turned 45 two days before she told me, and was telling people that I feel younger now than I did twenty years ago... then she told me I was gonna be a grandpa and suddenly I felt kinda old! She got a kick outta that.

  19. Quote Originally Posted by Silver3CSRT8 View Post
    You have come a long way so far. Keep up the motivation and you will hit your goals.

    Thanks man! I appreciate the support.

  20. dont feel bad red!..my brother is 44,and he was made a grandpa twice!..your only as old as you feel my friend!
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  21. Well I'm feeling pretty good then

    I got my box from Nutraplanet today, so it will start for real tomorrow even though the scale says I'm down 4 pounds since starting this. I got some calipers so I'll post my body fat % too and try to keep that updated once a week or so.

  22. Sounds good Red, good luck with the stack!

  23. Well things have gotten kinda screwed up for the rest of this week. Things got busy all of a sudden with my computer business, which is a good thing, then I found out I'm going to be going to a retreat friday afternoon till Sunday afternoon. I'll be needing my DCP there for sure cause they really put out the eats.

    Been working on dialing in the diet, and the scale says I'm down 5 pounds. I'm sure thats mainly water weight though.

    Going to try to get a back workout in today sometime. Some heavy deads really sound good!

  24. Can you bring some RTD protein shakes with you so you can maybe skip a few bad meals? Or bring any food with you. Sadly it only takes about a week of bad eating to set you back.

  25. Yea I'm gonna take some ziplocks with 2 scoops protein powder and cup of oats so I can make protein shakes. I have a few of those Snickers protein bars laying around too, and I might take a trip to (ugh) GNC and pick up some more protein bars.


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