Please critique my CKD/Anabolic diet

  1. Please critique my CKD/Anabolic diet

    Hey guys, this will be my diet Sunday - Thursday. This will be my diet (not including my carb up days). I want to get this part of the diet approved first before I move on to the more complicated carb up part. So here it is:

    5 whole eggs

    8 oz. 80/20 hamburger

    6 oz. Salmon
    Shots of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    Snap Peas

    8 oz. 80/20 hamburger
    Snap Peas

    50 gram whey protein shake
    Olive oil

    Nonfat cottage cheese
    Natural Peanut butter

  2. Welcome to the wonderful world of CKD.

    1. What are your macro goals?

    2. Where are the rest of your vegetables? Broccoli, lettuce, spinach?

    3. Carb load is easy, don't think its hard.

    Other than the vegetable part, it looks good, it all depends on the macro count your looking for.

  3. The contents look pretty good, but to help us out, can you elaborate on the nutritional facts of each. With what you're eating I think you should be fine though. Also, I talked to a friend of mine who is 45 and has been doing bodybuilding since his early 20s and he told me not to eat cheese, I'm not sure why but I trust his word and next time i see him I will ask him why not. If there were any problems with your daily intake, the only thing I could think of is maybe you are eating too many carbs, the reason i say that is because some proteins have quite a few carbs in them, mine for example has 16g carbs per serving. Once you put the facts up, we can better go from there. I just started my CKD on Monday, so we started around the same time, i'm interested to see how we progress!

  4. Thanks for the responses guys. I just posted up that meal plan to know what to buy at the supermarket this weekend and to make sure I'm eating the right food. I will figure out the macros in the next day or two. I guess I'll just give you a little info about myself. I'm 20 years old and 2 years ago i was a scrawny 170, but then I changed my life and did a clean bulk for the last 2 years up to 240 at 5'11. Now that I have the mass I want to take off the fat. Hopefully this works.

    This diet kind of feels weird because over the last two years I've eatin nothing but oatmeal, chicken, and other "clean" food. Everyone I know freaks out when I tell them in my new diet I'll be eating bacon and stuff like that.

  5. Also, is it true that you should not eat cheese on this diet? I was planning on putting it on everything.

  6. I've never heard that actually.

  7. It says on the CKD Step-By-Step that it's fine, but a bodybuilding friend of mine said to stay away from cheese...I'll find out why and let you know

  8. I read not to eat nitrites while on the keto diet, or basically every. So what type of bacon and sausage does everyone buy? All the packaged stuff in the stores have nitrites and I really want some bacon!

  9. I had a bacon last night.

  10. What type do you eat?

  11. Oscar Myer, I don't eat bacon often to be honest, too much fat cooks out. I had more fat cook out of 1 pound of bacon than 2 pounds of beef.


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