supplement reccomendations

  1. supplement reccomendations

    So Im just finishing up a bulking cycle. Time to lose a bunch of this fat. I havent used any weight loss supplements in a few years and with all the garbage out there Im just looking to hear what you other guys are taking that you know works

  2. I have heard from a few people now that ReCreate by USPLabs is a good product, i ordered it about a week ago from and i'm excited to put it to the test! I have seen alot of talk on these forums about Leviathan, if anybody has any experience with that, i'd love to hear about it!

  3. At most i used lean fx as thermogenics, with carantine and glutamine 1000mgs per day. Hydroxycut Hardcore is good also, will be starting a cycle of Albs in 2 days. 12-16 mgs per day, dosing every 5 hours at 4mgs.

    Diet is High protein, low fat, low carb.

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