Improvements? (For abs) -

Improvements? (For abs)

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    Improvements? (For abs)

    I think i've noticed a little bit of an improvement, but not much. How much more body fat to lose, before you guys think i'll see abs. I''m guessing i'm at like 15% right now, or something.

    (Maybe a month or two left)

    First pic stomach, second pic not flexed, third pic flexed.

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    lose about ten pounds more of bodyfat and ull start getting a nice outline of all six abs.. or at least ull get your top four starting to pop a little with the bottom ones a little more dependent on your diet and the water your holding on to at the time...
    honestly go for the CKD/anabolic diet.. in three-four weeks you will probably have abs.. i had slightly less bodyfat then u when i jumped on it and in 2 weeks my abs were looking pretty good.. the good thing about the diet is you will lose a ton of bloat and water that u have over your abs.. watch ur sodium intake..
    honestly if u go on the CKD for 4 weeks and u throw in some cardio u will have abs that show nicely.. as well as some veins and muscles u never knew u had and never saw before
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    good luck keep up the good work

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