rapid fatloss handbook vs the radical diet

  1. rapid fatloss handbook vs the radical diet

    Anyone have experience with either of these? I'm trying to decide if I want to try a crash diet, or just stick to the cutting basics for 3 months. I get frustrated in the gym when I don't get stronger, making the cutting period shorter (and more effective) would be great.

  2. -well, ive heard some members trying the velocity diet before. im sure it works if you stick to the concept of it. IMO crash course diets are not the way to go(unless weight loss is absolutely needed FAST) as you will probably end up gaining 30-50% back in the long run from loosing weight incredibly fast.

    -just stick to the basics, 1 hour of sustained cardio 6 days a week, and depending on your weight, drop your caloric intake down a couple notches.

    -daily recommended calculator right here:

    -drop your intake to the "inactive" tab as shown

    -another staple is just to stay away from carbs after lunch or after your post-workout shake.

    good luck bro,


  3. I'm on the RapidFatLoss plan now, GO FOR IT!

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