Meal plans for someone on a 40/40/20 diet

  1. Meal plans for someone on a 40/40/20 diet

    If you're on a 40/40/20 diet, what does a meal plan for a day look like for you? My goal is to cut, so my calories are going to be 2k/day. I really appreciate any ideas that anybody would be so kind to share.

  2. I am always on a 40/40/20 diet. Normally, I maintain at 3200 calories, so I eat 8 meals of 400 calories. Each meal is designed to be 40/40/20. When I cut, I shrink it down to 5 or 6 meals of the same size. When I bulk, I eat the same 400 calorie meals, but 9 or 10 of them.

    I make chicken and rice casseroles, tuna noodle casseroles, oatmeal & protein powder with walnuts, etc.

    Lean ham sandwiches are a good standby for me, since they are easy to make. The bread is not great, since it has a higher glycemic index, but its a compromise I make.

    Other ideas:
    Chicken Breast sandwiches
    Oatmeal and some lean meat such as turkey or chicken.

  3. I got my gf on a 40/40/20 diet.

    I try to graph it as close as possible to the 404020 idea. Sometimes i get close, sometimes spot on.

    here are 2 lists I got for her

    2 large eggs
    2 peices bread, whole wheat
    2 medium apples
    1.5cups 1% milk
    1 cup cooked brown instant rice
    10oz skinless chicken breast
    4 cups lettuce
    2.4grams fish oil
    1.5cups cranberry juice
    1533cals 46%carbs 34% protein 19% fat

    Another one for her I have is
    2 medium apples
    3 peices wheat bread
    1 can of 6.5oz tuna
    2 tablespoon mayo
    2.4grams fish oil
    6 oz chicken breast
    1.5 cup cranberry juice
    1.5cups 1% milk
    1 cup broccoli
    1cup cooked oatmeal
    1560cals 43% carbs 34% protein 24% fat

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