How is my diet?

  1. How is my diet?

    Currently, i'm trying to cut body fat. I'm not sure what my body fat is, but i'm sure it's like 15% or something. I want to get visible abs and i understand low body fat will make this happen. I don't want to bulk, just be lean. I focus mostly on endurance for the Navy. Here are two pics, so you can get an idea with what i am working with.

    Bowl of oatmeal in water, protein shake with a scoop of peanut butter added.

    A couple servings of almonds as a snack

    Big salad with bell peppers, radishes, cut up chicken breast and a side of cottage cheese. (I cook the radishes and peppers in some extra virgin olive oil for more flavor and bumping the calories)

    A can of tuna and maybe a scoop of peanut butter. (On workout days i will have another protein shake and a can of tuna 30mins after)

    For dinner, a chicken breast with a generous amount of vegetables, mainly broccoli. I don't like to eat a big dinner for some reason...

    What do you think?

  2. i think its fantastic as long is you stick with it. my estimation is 13-14% bf. you should drop 2 % in about 3 weeks with regular cardio and strict diet. after this you will UNDOUBTEDLY see abs. most people start to see the six pack at around 12% bf.

    good luck bro


  3. Thanks man, i appreciate it.

    Their is no problem with me sticking to it. I enjoy the food i eat. The salad i make taste great and i can always change the olive oil dressing a bit by adding more garlic, or different peppers, etc...So many choices.

    Here, take a look at my daily salad.

  4. I would add in a casein shake at night with some natty pb.

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