The Aftermath

  1. The Aftermath

    Im near the end of PCT (500mgs Test w/ orals)

    Im 215. BF 20%? is a random ass number but im sticking with it.

    A.D. Diet was terrible for me.
    My work is a labor job.
    BMR 3.6k a day.

    Knock 500 off the top - 3100

    I always supplement with Aminos/Creatine Mono During/Post exercise(im the dude with the purple gallon of water if see me)

    Lifting days will including 20 minutes of HIIT walking incline
    Non Lift Days will include Sprints 400meters. 2-5x with 2 minute rest phases for recovery.

    No carbs after 3pm unless trace(veggies)/powdered from Pre/Post

    Cycling Clen/Venom

    My problem is I've never lost weight with control before.
    Its time to chizzle. I packed on some fat. Im not ashamed because great size and strength came with it.

    Critique if you'd like please!

    Showtime im shooting for is March 11th. Ive never taken my shirt off with full confidence, since im not to involved with my "influences" anymore. When I do plan to see them again. I want to see shocked faces.

  2. 20%? post a pic i'm sure i could better estimate this if you are unsure.

    your cardio seems well organized. the only thing i would suggest is increasing your cardio in the treadmill to 40 minutes per day and keep a whey protein shake with you and drink this during your cardio, a little at a time to avoid upset stomach.

    all seems well though and good luck!!! just stick with it bro and you will see the results that hardwork has been put into.


  3. Thanks light, im gonna say im about a 19% from what ive been told. Im gonna go with a EC stack instead.

    Now its gonna be a little difficult choosing carb sources.

    Im guessing oatmeal will be good for the AM, then who knows where to go from there.

    Ill have 140 carbs split between pre/post Waxy Maze.
    Few chicken breasts a day. Drink some eggs. Tuna as well.
    Sesamin Oil throughout the day.

    Any advice on some supps to help on the cut?

  4. ive herd nothing but good things about the DCP stack so i would recommend that, ive ordered mine today and am hoping for a big cut if i follow my diet, good luck bro

  5. DCP? Will look into it!



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