Time to cut need help!

  1. Time to cut need help!

    Hey everyone, im bout to finish my bulk up cycle and start my first cut january 2nd. i went from 162-180lbs during my bulk and i dont believe i gained to much fat cuz i still have some ab definition but i can see the fat in my stomach area the most. So now i am 1000% committed to getting this fat off and having my abs show, mainly because ive never been that lean to see my abs but i can feel em! so im not going to stop until i get to where i want to be! My workout is M-F weekends are rest days get in bettween 3400-4000cals a day, with 3/4 - a gallon of water a day and 8 hours of sleep a night.
    ive been researching the CKD diet and i believe it is the diet for me to lose only fat and keep my muscle on me, im willing to even do the diet slowly just to preserve my muscle instead of trying to lose fat ASAP.
    The CKD diet i dont understand how your supposed to eat though during the week the weekends are carb up to restore glycogen and protein to the muscles make sense, but after reading the articles ive read (here is one CDK - Cyclical Ketogenic Diet it sounds as if you eat no carbs m-f? correct me if im wrong cause im committed to dieting and want to know every lil detail i have to, so i can reach my goal to just get to the weight that i am lean with abs id say im 16%bf (guess). (If you believe this is not the diet for me and know of a better one also please let me know).
    So now im looking for a clearer understanding of the CKD diet if anyone has any information that maybe clearer than the articles ive been reading thatd be great. As well as any recommendations as to the whole daily layout or anything to help me on my path to my goal i appreciate that as well and if you need any other information on me please let me know.
    Thanks for your help

  2. no one has any kind of information that they can let me know? please any help...

  3. Quote Originally Posted by MMAMONSTER19 View Post
    no one has any kind of information that they can let me know? please any help...
    Just cut out your carbs during the week... Maybe get 15-20g a day... Then re-load on the weekend or just on one day during the weekend..... Eat lots of fats and protein.... That's what I'm doing now and I have gone from 185 down to 175 in just over 3 weeks... My lifts feel a little more heavy but I'm still working with the same weights I started with.... But may have to drop a couple pounds this coming week with some of my lifts.

  4. ok so carbs down to 15-20 a day ill have to try that out thanks

  5. how much bodyfat do u have?
    if you're 5'8 and 178lbs and can bench 235, squat 235 and deadlift 250, i'm thinking you're already about 10 - 12% if not less

  6. ya i dont have much bodyfat i know i need to lose atleast 10lbs id say between 11%-13% BF


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