morning fasted cardio???

  1. morning fasted cardio???

    Hi I'm planning to do fasted morning cardio and my goal is to be lean and get more endurance and stamina.
    My question is how much BCAA should I take before and after cardio so I can lose fat and maintain my hard earned muscle lol and after I finish my fasted cardio how long should I wait till I have my breakfast after cardio
    BTW I will also do my normal weight training to at least gain more muscle and how what kind of cardio should I do I mean should I do HIIT cardio or steady cardio?????

  2. Do HIIT cardio if your goal is optimal fatloss, also when you do weight training try doing some circuit style weight lifts, fat will melt off.

  3. If your going to do HIIT don't do it fasted, their is no point in fasted HIIT, the beneficial side effects of HIIT occur mostly after the HIIT session.

    Additionally and assuming that fasted cardio works as it's described. Doing HIIT after being fed is still superior assuming that you are not injured.

  4. doing fasted hiit will destory ur muscles...always have a small carb in the morning too

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