thanksgiving tactics?

  1. thanksgiving tactics?

    has anyone used any of those kidney bean carb blockers? just curious if it works. tia

  2. Yes, it works for starches, but not for sugar. I've used them time to time.

    The one side affect that I don't like is that the undigested starches leads to some pretty rank gas.


  3. excellent! BREAK the ice at the party! ha...

  4. Thats why I'm bulking. The more I eat the better.

  5. take a day off! give thanks! eat a lot

  6. motleybreu is that a Dream Theater album cover as your avater?

    Whats so bad about Thanksgiving dinner? Since when are turkey and sweet potatos bad for you? Just ease off the gravy and have one piece of pie. And go with the natural-style cranberry sauce without all the sugar.


  7. looks like scenes from a memory to me! good choice! great to see some guys with some taste in jamage as well!

  8. I was suprised to see how many guys on this board are into great metal...there's a thread on it somewhere in the Off Topic forum.

    SFAM was good, I like the newest album 'Train of Thought' best out of the post Kevin-Moore stuff.

  9. coo... i havn't even heard of that one. i can listen to some petrucci!

  10. just came out a couple weeks ago, its slick...

  11. i'm into all that guitar stuff that your average joe hates!

  12. Sweet! You'll love Petrucci's work on Train Of Thought then! Sick, sick stuff. Clearly, the best since Awake, IMO.

  13. coo, i'll pick up a copy this week. thanks for the tip.


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