My name is Lauren. Like many other people on this site, I have, and am still struggling with weight issues as we speak. Just recently, I tried an excercise routine, and diet. This took away 10 pounds, but about a week late, I gained the weight back. I was hungry and felt weak alot of the time, I am a little glad that I only gained half of the weight back, and that the other half is still gone...Im still trying to loose!

Like alot of women, especially those of us that have had children, I carry weight in specific areas. My thighs and hips are a big problem for me, but I realize that alot of women have the belly issue. I never really had that issue until after I had my baby. Since the day I had my baby a little over a year ago, I have gained about 35 pounds. Since I was already overweight, getting on the scale was devasting... I am saying all of this to relate to what others on this site are going through. I have been trying my best to find something to get, and keep the weight off. I have found many articles that give "secrets" and tips, but what I have actually learned is that, we can never stop eating, so we might as well learn how our bodies process food so we can keep eating what we want. I have discovered that eating the wrong thing, at the time is what causes us overweight people the most problems.

I noticed that when I was on my most recent diet, I was told I could eat carbs, or something sweet right after a workout. This would burn those calories while still allowing me to have what I wanted, but the rest of the time, there were no treats allowed. So I know for a fact that cutting out sweets, and eating only vegetables is not the only, and even safest way to loose weight. Also, because we are overweight, we struggle with water rentention. I often get swollen ankles, and tight legs because of this.
I am told that this is an actual "secret" so I guess Im going to share it with everyone here on this site. We can eat the things we like, and lose weight, as long as we know how to do it. I am trying a new program, and I invite EVERYONE on this site to try it with me. Please please please don't give up!
Tell me what you think please.