New Here Need Weight Loss Help

  1. New Here Need Weight Loss Help

    Hey all, my name is Don. I am new to this forum and weight loss in general. In the last couple of years I have lost track of my health and need to get back on shape. I am 21 and went from 195-230 in 2 years. I am athletic and enjoy sports and lifting. However nothing I do seems to help me cut weight at all. I am in need of a good program that can help me get back down close to 200 lbs. All information and assistance is greatly appreciated. I would be willing to pay a small fee if necessary to get a good diet plan with detailed meals and times. Once again thank you for any and all help.

  2. ok don well first off welcome to AM, and now the important stuff, what kind of lifting do you do, how often do you workout do you do compound lifts, how often do you do cardio etc. what is your calorie intake how often do you eat do you starve yourself, do you eat 3 times a day need to know this kind of information to help you get started. any experience with any supplements?

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