the fat burning basics in a picture

  1. the fat burning basics in a picture

    Thanks to my expertise with microsoft paint, I made a fat loss pyramid. Much like the lame Food Pyramid that we are shown in basic nutrition classes, but less lame hopefully.

    I'd like to see what everyone thinks here, things that should be moved around, or things that should be added.

    This is in response to people that post threads saying, I can't lose fat I've tried Lipo6, Hydroxycut, etc., but have not tried some of the more basic principles. This is in no way a diss to those people, but more of a way to get everyone on the same page.

    This is in no way NEW information either. This is the same information that everyone knowledgeable posts, but it makes so little impact because we all like pictures.

  2. Where do Twinkies go?
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by dsade View Post
    Where do Twinkies go?

    Wouldnt' those fall under designer fat burners?

  4. Cycling of calories, manipulation of leptin levels and the such.

    Otherwise it's a pretty triangle.

  5. Everyone should see this.

    There are always way too many threads like "Well i'm pretty lazy, don't exercise much or count my calories. I don't really wanna diet, cuz i like eating. Should I take DCP or ReCreate?"

  6. Quote Originally Posted by dsade View Post
    Where do Twinkies go?

    In my belly!!:donut:

  7. You should draw a big, screaming fat guy at the top of the pyramid with the tip stuck up his ass. Hahaahahha. Cool pyramid. And it is true.

  8. good work man... too many amateurs are into fat burners, low fat foods or low carb foods and don't know anything about the fundamentals.

    I remember a few days ago, I was ordering at Subway and this fat woman was ordering a footlong sub. Sweet Onion chicken teriyaki (supposedly low fat but damn high in sugar) and on white bread (high GI) with cheese. And then when she got to the sauce section, she goes to the server "which sauces are the lowest in fat ".

  9. I would put weight training second from the bottom, cardio third from the bottom and then macros.

  10. somewhere in that pyramid i would put 'thigh master'.

  11. lol all the replies are cracking me up.

    yea rugger, I was also unsure about the weight training part since we all know weight training has the absolute best long-term affect on your body.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Hank Vangut View Post
    somewhere in that pyramid i would put 'thigh master'.
    Hey be careful, I bet suzanne somers can crack your head like a walnut.
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