staying anabolic

  1. staying anabolic

    i have always wondered about this, the rule of thumb is 2/lbs. a week. but if you were to take a mild prohormone or something along those lines could you lose more than 2/lbs. a week without muscle loss?

  2. I don't know for sure, but thats why I'm taking H-drol + CS. Venom Hyperdrive 3.0 while eating 1500-1800 cals daily depending on the way my body is feeling.

  3. to me this seems logical but i have never had anyone explain to me why its wrong

  4. When you involve mild prohormones like h-drol or epithio, its hard to quantify weekly fat loss because there is a constant transference of fat to muscle. You might stay the same on the scale, but only because you dropped 2 lbs of fat and picked up 2 lbs of muscle.

    I stay off the scale when I'm cutting and use the mirror test.

  5. i know that, but what im getting at is could you take something mild like propadrol, or bold. then could you lose more than 2/lbs week without sacrificing muscle?



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