...To Cheat or not to Cheat (The Thanksgiving Day Debate)

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  1. ...To Cheat or not to Cheat (The Thanksgiving Day Debate)

    Every year someone has to post a goofy thread about this, so I will so humbly take the position. Just wanted to see who is REALLY going to stay clean this year and who will not. Also, what kind of supps (if any) will you take (ie ALA for the extra carb intake, anarchy stack, etc...) Have a Great Thanksgiving everyone!

  2. I plan on being fairly strict, as I've hit a plateau in my fat-loss plan. I plan on eating white meat turkey, green beans, and some sweet potato casserole (AWESOME **** MY GIRL'S MOM MAKES). I'll prolly throw down 600 mg R-ALA with my meal.

    I belive that for the most, part, anything is ok in moderation. You just can't go overboard.

  3. This is why a started my bulking cycle 2 weeks ago. I looking forward to eating a 20# bird.

  4. I know I'm not staying clean.

  5. Me either

  6. I checked my keto level today it was purple.I skipped my carb up weekend so I can have the Pumkin cheese cake next weekend and mashed potatoes and stuffing and egg nog and Rum....Schweeeet

    Happy Thanksgiving all....
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  7. Originally posted by scotty2
    I know I'm not staying clean.
    I'll second that. karma for you big man

  8. I'm going to eat like a freakin pig. Thanksgiving is one of the holidays I really enjoy because you don't have to do much, besides sit at the table and dig in

    I will, however, down 1g R+ but I'm afraid that might not be enough...If I were on keto, that would be one helluva refeed day

  9. I plan on eating in moderation....
    on my third and fourth helping

  10. I say eat well. I know that it is very rare that I even see my family.

  11. Conveniently planned my refeed for Thanksgiving and friday (NU-CU football game in Boulder, CO). I am going to beat up that fawkin food like it owes me money.
    Don't worry, man, someday I'ma be nobody too.

  12. i plan on getting in 1000grams of protein that day from chicken and turkey hahahah, our family always has a huge party with 5-6 other families so there's atleast 3-4 turkies there muwhahahaha.

  13. Originally posted by djhex36
    ... so there's atleast 3-4 turkies there muwhahahaha.

  14. ill eat well til' dessert.... stuff up on white meat turkey. but its over when sweet potatos (my aunts version, drenched with butter), and the pumpkin pie rolls out. Agenda for friday.... cardio.


  15. Used to have this debate when I wrestled in HS. My teammates that stayed clean always got on us that didn't, but I didn't care. I love this holiday. Paid for it dearly during the next 4 to 5 days in trying to cut weight but it was well worth it.

  16. I will be eating like a total pig!

  17. I'm gonna have a tuff time staying clean with the way my dad cooks. So, no clean thanksgiving for me

  18. I'm with you sage. I will load on the "real food" and pass on the desert. Which isn't too hard for me. I've got a membership at a 24/7 style gym, so I plan on hitting legs real hard Turkey Day morning, then loading up in the afternoon

  19. I'll eat till I sleep..........literally

  20. roasted turkey, fried turkey, ham, green things will be adequate. maybe the one piece of pie!


  22. i'm with you guys....but what exactly is karma

    Originally posted by Biggs

    I'll second that. karma for you big man

  23. Im going to stuff my face. Thanksgiving comes once a year...

  24. Originally posted by motleybreu
    but what exactly is karma
    lol it's uh... well, it's like... it's a thing that... man, shut the hell up, all I know is I got a lot of it, so it must be good for somethin

  25. I'm just hoping that I don't rupture my stomach with the voluminous amount of terribly-bad-for-you but oh soo good food that I plan on greedily shoveling down my pie-hole


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