Not looking to cut as much as i am looking to lose fat.

Since I started power lifting, about 5 months ago, I've gone through the Anabolic Diet for approx. 2 months, with good results, but too hard to keep up with since school started, and have been pretty much eating enough since.

The fat is on my lower stomach, and sides. Large legs from squatting 3x a week. Large upper body, no fat in the face, arms, legs, calves, shoulders. Just looking to get rid of the fat on my stomach and tighten my back.

A normal day for me would like: (in no specific order)
-5 egg whites with 2 whole eggs
-.5 cup of oats with 1 scoop of protein and 1tbs of PB
-2-3 chicken breasts grilled with 1/2 cup of basmati (long-grain rice)
-tuna with some rice
-protein shake
-casein shake
-maybe more grilled chicken or some steak
-whole wheat bread, 2-3 slices throughout the day

I've been gaining fat and muscle. strength is always increasing.
Injured my knee so I took off of squatiing 3x a week. Now doing Smolov Bench for 3 weeks. I understand the intensity isn't as high as Bill Starr's 5x5 as I was doing so I'm not burning as many calories as I was when I would squat 3x a week (sound like a broken record, sorry)

Should i add HITT once to twice a week?

I calculated approx what i eat on a regular day
Body weight is 205 at 5'11''

this is what i'll eat throughout the day for tomorrow calculated on

not looking for abs or a bodybuilders body, but I wanna lose fat and slim down a bit.
please help a brotha out.

thank you