on TKD or CKD what's your pre/post workout meal

  1. on TKD or CKD what's your pre/post workout meal

    on CKD or TKD, what's your pre and post workout meal? How many grams of carbs does it have?

  2. I do CKD my preworkout meal is usually eggs or beef or chicken, my post workout meal is usually egg or chicken.

  3. I see. So basically no carbs even in pre/post workout.

  4. Well preworkout can be deleterious to the process of CKD and postworkout your working with a handful of carbs to begin with, so what using 5-10 carbs I don't see the point, it hasn't made any real difference for my progress.

    TKD is different however, its somewhere around 25-50 carbs post workout and preworkout is 5 carbs for about every 2 sets you perform in the gym on that workout. With heavy training that drains glycogen you'll need more, so you'll have a split the carb intake before you workout, you can intake during as well.

    TKD all carb intake is structured around the workout.

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