Can you identify this strange machine?

  1. Can you identify this strange machine?

    It is about the size of a typewriter.

    You put your hands on it and hold onto its handles.

    Then you pedal it like a bike....except it is with your hands

    It appears to be meant for cardio as when I tried this, I was breathing quite heavily.

    What is it?

  2. sounds like a handbike if thats even what its called.....

  3. Quote Originally Posted by geronimo542 View Post
    sounds like a handbike if thats even what its called.....
    yeah I have seen those at the 24hr I used to work out at. I think that is what it is called.

  4. lol swimmers use it to keep their stamina high


    I googled 'handbike' and those are the only tyeps of handbikes I saw. That (the link) was not what I saw at all.

    If it isnt called a handbike what is it?


    I FOUND IT!!! Although this is not exactly what I used but very close. Scroll to teh bottom and look at 'hand ergometer'

    So that is teh machine you guys were thinking of, right?

  7. They got one of those at my gym which is handicapped accessible, it's kinda funny sometimes people who can do anything do that... all the people in the wheelchair need to do is look at them for about 5 seconds before they get the point and use something else

  8. it's used mostly for PT. if you ever get a shoulder injury, that will be your new friend.


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