Weight Training on an Empty Stomach?

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    Hi im new to this forum.Everytime I go through the posts,im motivated to train harder in gym.

    I always have been overweight by a few pounds.There`s a small bloat around my stomach which is much prominent.When I went through this forum,I found people posting about cardio on an empty stomach.In that case,as body is deficient of carbs,it uses fats as fuel.

    I wanted to ask that if one can do cardio on an empty stomach, is there any harm in doing weight training on empty stomach?In fact it should be a better option as one might be able to burn more of fats.Is there something im missing?Please comment.

  2. The body will most likely only burn fat as fuel if you are in ketosis.

  3. i lifted at 5 am for football one morning and didnt eat. was maxing on front squat doing 315 and i got real light headed and had to drop the weight after 3 reps cuz i felt like passing out. bad experience

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Rugger View Post
    The body will most likely only burn fat as fuel if you are in ketosis.

    use lighter weights than normal, faster reps than normal, less breaks, and compound movements to maximize GH and burn some fat. you can spike GH levels for almost 24 hours. all this stops as soon as you get ahold of simple carbs....

  5. If you do it you better have a big 90-120g WMS shake after.



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