Bulking cycle

  1. Bulking cycle

    How does this look for a bulking diet? I weigh 225 and am 13-15% BF.

    Servings Pro Carbs Fat

    BK Cheesebuger 1 19 31 17
    Milk 4 8 11 5
    100% WHEY 8 23 2 1
    Dextrose 3 28
    Rice 2 2 40 1

    Oat Meal 2 3.5 21.5 1.5
    Chicken Whooper 1 38 46 26
    P/W Shake 1 50 50
    Iron-tek 1.3 32 12 5 9

    Total grams for the day 376 410 88
    Total Cals 3930 1502 1638 789

  2. too much fat , try bk new grilled chicken with only 5 gms fat , try drinking more milk , or add another protein shake ,

  3. 88g of fat a day is to much for someone that is 225? Ok, I will change my diet some more.

    Thanks, anything else I should look at changing?

  4. dude, 88 grams of fat is NOT enough for someone who is 225. You should be over a 100g of fat, there was a calculator on here somewhere or a formula someone had from the unvi of florida. But just my expereince I tried a bulking diet trying to keep things low fat (under 100g) and it did **** for me. I used the calculator and it had me at 135g of fat and I started gaining some good size too, not fat. Fat is an essential part of anabolics, just the good fat, no saturated and ****. Get some flax and olive oil and use those as youre fat sources. But 88g of fat is too low I think, it should over 120....just my quick rant but I think others would agree w/me 88 is too LOW


  5. also up youre protein alittle more and drop some carbs, unless youre highly active

  6. Ok good because I was trying to figure out how to add flax oil and a MCT and keep my fat cals below 88g. Adding some more fat will be easy. Yummy flax oil... I should also cut carbs a little and add some more protein? 400g protein and 350 carbs or still more protein?

  7. I would say get the protein over 400g of protein a day maybe more. the general rule is 1.5 to 2.0g of protein per lb of bodywieght. I would lower the carbs too


  8. I think that you need to do That Diet until you see Results (Good or Bad) Then Adjust Accordingly)

    If you are just Bulking then Bulk the He** Up and dont Worry. Just Ensure that you get Enough Protien.

    PS- Losing Fat is what A Cutting Session is For.

  9. Well I am 3 weeks into my cycle and I decided to do the eat until I puke and still keep it somewhat clean under 170g fat a day. So far I am up 15 pounds and only gained 1 inch around the midsection (thanks to t-1 pro). I think I will make my winter weight goal of 245 and then start cutting at the end of Jan first of Feb time frame. I will have to post some before and after pics at that time also.

  10. Congrats!! Keep It Up!!

  11. Awesome work! Don't stop `till ya puke (eating OR lifting!)

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
    -Are you really ready for a cycle? Read this link and be honest:
    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*

  12. Originally posted by ManBeast
    Awesome work! Don't stop `till ya puke (eating OR lifting!)



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