Lucky's Recomp Log!

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  1. Lucky's Recomp Log!

    Lucky's Recomp Plan

    ***Log plan layout stolen from everyone's favorite freak on the forums, Rugger***

    The Goods:
    Leviathan Reloaded
    Fish Oil Pills
    Flax Seed Powder
    Psyllium Husk

    The Diet:
    Anabolic Diet
    Target Weekday Macros
    Total: 3000
    Fat: 1650 calories, 183.33g
    Protein: 1050 calories, 262.5g
    Carbs (MAXIMUM): 120 calories, 30g
    Target Weekend Macros
    Total: 3000
    Fat: 900 calories, 100g
    Protein: 450 calories, 112.5g
    Carbs: 1650 calories, 412.5g

    The Workout:
    Monday: Legs/Abs
    Tuesday: Cardio/HIIT
    Wednesday: Chest/Shoulders/Triceps
    Thursday: HIIT
    Friday: Back/Biceps
    Saturday: Depletion workout

    To obtain a better body composition. I know this sounds vague, however, I like to go solely by the mirror. Weight loss/gain is of no importance to me. I will be done recomping when YOU guys tell me I should move onto something else (or, until I look beyond sweet).

    I would classify myself as a meso-endo body type. The Anabolic Diet has always intrigued me, but I never thought I would be in the situation to run one. Now that I am working on cruise ships, and I know how my food situation will be when I return next week, I know this should be a very doable task. Salmon and meat everywhere, not to mention green veggies at every meal. What more can I ask for? Not to mention carb ups will be easy since I am surrounded by all sorts of cereals, frozen yogurt, and other goodies. I will try to keep my carb ups clean, and will only keep carbing until I feel my muscles are pumped up again.
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by LuckyKid57 View Post
    L A few more... liberties will be taken in this plan, as I will not follow a strict "meal by meal" diet, but will focus more on eating clean and following general formulae as far as macros are concerned.
    I'll be following your log, can't agree more with your meal ideology. Some guys cuckold (I know it's pigeonhold, but whatever) themselves into strict diets. I'm running an AD diet for recomp, I basically know what my macro requirements are and everyday I just seek out to hit them within a certain number of meals.

  3. I like how you utilize complex carbs . Followed..

    lol and did u say extenz will be apart of your supps?

  4. Progress Pics:
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  5. Why do you want to raise liver glycogen levels up?

  6. Lookin good, I stay away from ground beef.. Jenny-o turkey meat is better. Not saying just fat wise either, its loads healthier.

  7. 96/4 is lean as hell. Walmart usually has sales on like a box of tilapia for 14 bucks with 24 flanks of fish.. good ****

  8. How are you cycling your carbs?

    Even with a full liver, i'm fairly sure that your liver glycogen levels will be depleted fairly fast. I can give a better opinion when I know how you are cycling your carb intake though.

  9. How many carbs do you get in during the low carb days?

    Why not take a look into the anabolic diet. It's basically a low carb diet, like your diet, except daily intake 20-30 a day during the week and a carb up during the weekend. You would have more stable energy levels avoiding a no carb day.

  10. My energy levels are pretty high. The only time they were low was at the end of a two week low carb stint without a significant carb load and during the end of a depletion workout before I carbed up.

  11. Alllright, did more research on the anabolic and read the entire PDF by Pasquale. I see no problem following this, but Rivera, I am not going to lie I love me some carbs, so I will need your support in kicking my ass starting tomorrow! The IDEAL targets will look like this...

    Basing my weight off of 200lbs, because tomorrow I when I weigh in I will be much heavier after really loading up on carbs (even more than in my earlier post).

    I want to be cutting fat, so I am going to go a bit below the BW*18 starting out formula, and beginning at BW*15 starting out formula. This allows me 3,000 calories a day. If I am REALLY feeling ****ty, I will up it starting next Monday.

    Target Weekday Macros:
    Total: 3000
    Fat: 1650 calories, 183.33g
    Protein: 1050 calories, 262.5g
    Carbs (MAXIMUM): 120 calories, 30g

    Target Weekend Macros
    Fat: 900 calories, 100g
    Protein: 450 calories, 112.5g
    Carbs: 1650 calories, 412.5g

    Well, Anabolic Diet starts tomorrow everyone. I am not going to lie, I may very well need your help through this!
  12. Day 1

    I find it easiest to make a couple updates as the day goes on, that way you guys are also informed on what I am doing... and if you see a mistake or think I can do something better, I can correct it before wasting an entire day! Anyway...

    10:00AM: Woke up naturally a little while before and couldn't fall back asleep for the life of me. Popped 2 LR and 2DCP along with sipping on 1 scoop of Xtend while reading a bit.

    10:45AM: 1 cup egg beaters, 1 bratwurst, 1.5 oz fresh mozzarella cheese, sprinkling of blue cheese crumbles, 3 fish oil, 3 CLA, multi, CEE
    Calories: 664
    Fat: 48 (including fish oil and CLA)
    Protein: 49
    Carbs: 7

    Started reading a book and what not and then eventually fell asleep until 4 pm. Much needed.

    Popped 2 DCP
    4:00PM: 1 cup egg beaters, 1 small can tuna, 1 oz fresh mozzarella cheese, sprinkling blue cheese crumbles, small amount of mayonnaise, small amount of olive oil, 3 fish oil, 3 CLA
    Calories: 445
    Fat: 25
    Protein: 50
    Carbs: 5

    5:00PM Snacked on two small pieces of mozzarella cheese. Looking at
    Calories: 60
    5 fat
    3 Protein

    6:30PM Did legs and core tonight. Energy levels were fine. Must say I had a decent workout. I took two LR and 3 DCP about 3 minutes before hand and also took 5 capsules of NanoX9 hardcore...don't worry, I got the free sample from an order a while ago. Have to say the NanoX9 didn't really do anything for me. Deadlifts, leg press, leg extension, calf raises, broomstick twists, leg raises, supermans.

    7:30PM Meal 3: Had half a plate of pork with the other half covered in broccoli. I used 2 pre-packaged butters to go along with it for extra fats. I do not have the exact macronutrients... so I am sorry about that. I am still low in calories for the day, so this is not much of an issue for me, my carb count is still way low, which is great and what I am mainly concerned about.

    10:30PM Late night Shake: 1.5 scoops IDS Whey, 3 servings flax, 3 CLA, psyllium husk powder
    Calories: 336
    Fat: 20g
    Protein: 35
    Carbs: 5

    Daily Totals:
    Calories: 1505 + Dinner (2200)
    Fat: 140
    Protein: 200
    Carbs: 22 + fiber

    The dinner is throwing me off a bit, but all I can say is those look like pretty decent estimates since the pork was nice and fatty. I feel good, even thought I know there is no way I have entered keto in under 24 hours since a massive carb load. 1 down.

    I took a picture today, and will be making a post. And I was a loser and forgot to weigh myself this morning, but tomorrow I will have that taken care of for you.
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  13. Thomas, I have read on some threads to not count fiber supplementation into my total carbs for the day, do you agree with this? I have a tub of Psyllium husk sitting here and am thinking about incorporating it into the plan as the day goes on.

  14. You don't count fiber, the body doesn't have the gears to process it. You should get a good amount of fiber in or else you'll deal with constipation.

  15. Subbed.I'm looking to do a recomp next year.
  16. Day 2

    Day 2
    Weight 204.4

    12:00PM: 2 DCP, 2 LR
    2:00PM Meal 1: 4 eggs, 1/4 lb 96% ground beef, 2 servings turkey pepperoni, 3 fish oil, 3 CLA
    Calories: 639
    Fat: 43
    Protein: 63
    Carbs: 0
    4:15PM Meal 2: 4 servings turkey pepperoni
    Calories: 288
    Fat: 16
    Protein: 36
    Carbs: 0
    5:30PM Workout
    Pre-Workout Supps: 3 DCP, 2 LR, 4 Endorphix, 2.5 g CEE
    Intra-Workout: 2 scoops Xtend
    Supersets of Flat DB Press and Military Press
    Supersets of Incline DB Press and Incline Flys
    Shoulders Shrugs
    Tricep Rope Pushdown
    Quick 5 minutes of sprinting to help dip into any of my glycogen stores
    7:30PM Post WO Meal: 8oz chicken breast, half a plate full of broccoli and string beans with a generous covering of olive oil and parmesean (sp) cheese, 1 bowl sugar free jello with some Reddi-Whip (the less than 1 gram carbs/serving version) 3 fish oil, 3 CLA (estimating macros)
    Calories: 485
    Fat: 25g
    Protein: 55g
    Carbs: 10 (all from broccoli and string beans, INCLUDING FIBER)
    9:30PM Meal 4 8oz chicken breast, only a few string beans (leftovers), big bowl of jello with some reddi-whip
    Calories: 300
    Fat: 10
    Protein: 50
    Carbs: 5
    11:00PM: 2 ALRI Zero-Stim (just feeling saucy and have some extra sitting around)
    12:00AM: 2 DCP

    Calories: 1800
    Fat: 94
    Protein: 204
    Carbs: 15

    Thoughts: I had an amazing workout tonight. I was still able to really pump out, which was surprising to me since I was days into no carbs. I am dropping ridiculous amounts of water weight. I am a little bit stressed out because I know I am not getting in enough fat, I need to concentrate a bit more on that. I do not mean to sound like a little baby, but the mom made chicken breast tonight, so I could not pass up my free meals for this last week before I head back to work. I do not remember if I mentioned, but once I am back at work there is salmon at EVERY lunch and dinner (at least that is how it used to be a while ago, and I doubt they changed anything). I am taking 10mg of Ambien tonight at a decent hour to really knock me out so that I can actually fall asleep. I am on a whacked out sleep schedule, and I think waking up earlier will allow me to eat more food throughout the day, and thus train my body to burn more fat. Alright guys, thanks for sticking through this with me... so far so good! I feel great on this plan. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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  17. Day 3

    Weight: 204
    Thoughts: Alright, I was able to wake up at a decent hour this morning and started getting things rolling. After doing a bit of reading, I am planning on running a full 12 days depletion before my first carb up period. This, I feel to be strengthening mentally, and will also jumpstart the "train your body to be a fat burning machine" shindig. I am going to try upping my calories today more than the last few days. In all honesty, I woke up earlier, so I am pretty sure I will be able to get a few more meals in. Any thoughts? Criticisms?
    8:00AM: 2 DCP, 2 LR, 1 scoop Xtend
    9:00AM Meal 1: 1/4 lb 92% ground beef, 4 eggs, 1 cup egg beaters, 2 fish oil, 2 CLA
    Calories: 575
    Fat: 31g
    Protein: 70g
    Carbs: 4g
    11:30AM Meal 2: 1 pouch of Turkey Pepperoni, Vanilla Coke Zero
    Calories: 420
    Fat: 24
    Protein: 54
    Carbs: 0

    Notes: Ketosis feels like it is truly setting in. I am feeling a bit tired and groggy although I got a full nights rest and am loaded up with a decent amount of calories. This is a good sign. I do plan on trying to hit 12 full days before carbing up. We will see how it goes while I am traveling come Saturday. I just really feel that if I go 12 days, it will guarantee depletion and I will be able to really spike insulin to a truly powerful amount. Thoughts on this, anyone?

    2:30 Workout: Back/Biceps/Abs
    Circuit trained Abs doing two circuits of 15 reps each: broomstick twists, decline crunches, leg raises, supermans.
    Followed by 3 sets of 12 rep supermans holding 25 lb plate
    Lat Pull-Downs, lawn-mowers, rows, 21's, cable curls
    All sets were done with about 20 reps for 2 sets, then finishing with 2 sets, much heavier weight for 6 reps

    4:00PM Post W/O Meal: 4 whole eggs, 1 cup egg beaters
    Calories: 370
    Fat: 18
    Protein: 48
    Carbs: 4

    7:00PM Meal 4: 1/2 lb Angus Beef Burger with cheddar cheese and a couple bacon strips, side salad with some cheese (pushed aside the croutons and tried eating around most of the tomato and carrot slivers), 24 UNBREADED wings in hot sauce, some ranch dressing
    Calories: Lots
    Fat: Lots
    Protein: Lots
    Carbs: 15g (being generous)

    11:00PM Snack: A jar of zero calorie chocolate sauce and a couple shots of Reddi-Whip
    Calories: 45
    Fat: 5
    Protien: 0
    Carbs: 0

    Notes: Took a Ketostix test, and it turned up positive, but small. Roughly right in between "trace" and "small." So about 10mg/dL. I know that the sticks are not 100% accurate, because I may be using those ketones up for energy and expelling them in other sources, but just to make sure that I stay in ketosis I am going to run the test twice tomorrow (morning and evening). I am also going to try planning out my meals in advance this evening.

    Also, I can't believe that after eating that MASSIVE dinner how "light" I still feel! Truly amazing. I don't feel loose or bloated or anything, I know that it is because I am not retaining water from not eating massive amounts of carbs, but really it is a nice feeling. I do expect a bit of a weight gain when I hop on the scale tomorrow though, just because it was such high calories, but I do not worry about that. Once again, I am recomping, and expect the process to take a while. ALSO, my goal is to enter ketosis and stay in that state for another week and a half before my first carb up. I know it takes time, and I am not getting impatient... not to mention going from 211 a few days ago (post carb load) to 204 this morning is a nice feeling even though a lot of it is water, if not all =). Thanks again for all the support guys!
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  18. sweeet dude i plan on doing this same exact thing. i too have been reading up on CKD like a mad man. as of now im just trying to get my meal plan in order before i commit to it, so i acutally know what im eating!

  19. and you use the hormel turkey pepperoni? that will definatly be a staple in my diet i loveeeeeeeeeeeee pepperoni

  20. The reason why the first low carb stint is suggested as a 12 day low carb period versus a 5 day low carb period is time in ketosis actually. When starting a ketogenic diet it takes about 2-3 days to make the shift required. If you went for 5 low carb days and a carb up day it would look something like this.

    Day1:Not there
    Day2:Getting there possibly there
    Day3: Most likely there/there
    Day4: Ketogenic state
    Day5: Ketogenic state/start of carb load
    Day6: Carb load
    Day7: Carb load finish/start ketogenic state over

    Basically in a 7 day period you have 2-3 days of a good ketogenic state. When you go 12 it's better to start out the fat burning process. Not to mention, the longer you are in a low carb state the less glycogen (further in a ketogenic state) you are. At about 3 weeks in a low carb state your body requires the least amount of glucose it probably ever will in order to operate.

    The body does continue to burn fat during the carb up, and you'll find it easier to adjust into ketosis after your first carb up.

  21. Quote Originally Posted by spres444 View Post
    and you use the hormel turkey pepperoni? that will definatly be a staple in my diet i loveeeeeeeeeeeee pepperoni
    Heck yeah I use the Hormel Turkey Pepperoni! I know it is not as fatty as regular, BUT, the reason being I can sit down and eat an entire bag of it since it is less calorically dense. It takes up more space in my stomach. 6 servings is in a bag and each serving is 4 fat and 9 protein. So it worked out great. There is 13g of fat in a serving of the normal pepperoni I found... so I couldn't eat as much in a sitting without getting the majority of my fat intake for the day!!!

    Thomas, thanks for the explanation, that helps a lot. I will certainly shoot for the 12 days so as to experience complete benefits. I just want to warn you guys, that when I get to the ship it will be harder to get my macros in, since I have no idea exactly what type of beef they use and how much salmon I eat. So I will lay out what I eat and we will go from there. That will be starting on Sunday when I sign on, and I will be out at sea for 6 months, back to Miami every Sunday though. So if any of you are in Miami and want to train on a Sunday morning, let me know!!!

  22. im trtying to come up with my diet right now..i seem to be going over in protein and cals and comming up short on fat :-(

  23. The protein is too high and our calories are too high because of that? That is rather surprising. I have a problem getting enough calories! It is truly an eye opening experience just how many calories we ingest through carbs each day... WOW.

    ALSO, feel free to through in your omega-3's and CLA and what not. I have read on some people's logs that they are supplementing anywhere between 20-40g of fish oil a day. When you think about the benefits of that... wow... amazing. Also, take into account olive oil and what not. When in doubt, just go to the supermarket and buy ground beef and eggs, and you can at least start! OH, and sugar free jell-o and cool whip... mmmmmm.

  24. I get about 2 pounds of 80/20 beef a day in depending on what my intake is, thats about 2400 calories right there.

  25. dont mean to jack ure thread lucky but figure you guys have a good knowledge of whats goin on..this is what i came up with

    3 eggs
    1 sausage patty
    1 tbs EVOO

    8 oz ground turkey ( 80/20
    2 tbs EVOO
    3 slices colby jack cheese

    1.5 tbs mayo
    1 can tuna
    1 tbs EVOO

    2 serv hormel turkey pepp
    10g walnuts

    this brought me to 2080 cal's, 164g's of fat, and 174g protein

    id like to add in a PWO protein shake so that would up me to 2200 cals, 200g protein and same fat ( maybe add in EVOO and it would be 2320 cals 200g protein and 178gs of fat


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