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  1. Good good, i like the incline walking around 4mph.. Some body builder girl on the forums recommended it and well, I never thought it would get my HR up to 140-155 haha..

    keep it up

  2. 12/20/08

    Carb up day 2!!!

    Woke up this morning and decided it would be a good idea to hit the gym to rid the body of any excess glucose that may be in my system. I did 3 circuits of abdominal/core exercises... Crunches, leg raises, oblique twists, and supermans. I then went on the treadmill and walked at an incline for 5 minutes, did about 10 minutes of a couple sprinting intervals, and then did another 10 minutes of walking up an incline.

    Then... the fun began...

    1 box low fat granola
    3 boxes complete bran cereal
    2 skim milk containers
    1 plateful of pasta with tomato sauce
    1 small pack of gummi bears
    1 bag of chex mix
    3 small sugar filled dessert type things (low in fat)

    It is now almost 3pm and I am feeling my arms getting nice and tight, it is such a crazy feeling, I love it. I am not experiencing a huge bloat either, which I am surprised at. I chose to supplement with 400mcg chromium pic to aid in the glucose delivery, and I will probably end up popping another 400mcg tonight with dinner (around 6:30).

    I am still going to stick to this one day carb up shindig this week, and will probably continue it for a while as long as my body changes the way I want it to be. Tomorrow is chest day, and I can't wait.

    3 boxes of low fat granola
    1 box fruit loops
    1 box coco krispies
    1 box corn pops
    1 box frosted flakes
    2 small rolls
    2 pop tarts
    1 bag chex mix
    (uh, wow)

  3. subbed!!! looking to do almost exact same.. keto diet with dcp/levi ...
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  4. Sorry I couldn't update yesterday guys, the internet was giving me ****. I finished up my carb up with a chicken caesar salad and a big chocolate sundae at Johnny Rockets (we have one on the ship =)).

    Yesterday was a normal day for me, and it felt GREAT. I kept it at pretty much zero carbs all day and believe that I slipped into ketosis today during my workout.

    Last night, I lifted chest and biceps and I had the most ridiculous pump of my life. Seriously, it looked like I was on cycle. My body just exploded in the gym. Today I did legs and abs, and I did feel rather lethargic. It was a long workout, and I also ended up doing about 20 minutes of cardio afterwards.

    I will try to get some pictures up on Wednesday morning, and if not by then then def by Friday. I am also probably going to pick up some clen in Cozumel on Friday to maybe start cycling that in there for 2 weeks at a time, then taking Benadryll and Levi during the other 2 weeks. I have to do a bit more research on it in these couple days, but I feel it will help out even more.

  5. I'm taking clen at the end of my hdrol cycle i actually tested 20mcg today just for fun.. I'm going to be putting up new pics too soon.. good luck, and dont forget your taurine supp.

  6. When are you supposed to perform the depletion workout? Is it the day after your carb load? Also, what are some good depletion workouts?

  7. luckyyyyyy where r u.. man overboard?

  8. No no, no man overboard. I just haven't been able to update because of holiday shinanigans and what not.

    Pictures will be taken Saturday morning and I plan on another weigh in tomorrow. I am going to pick up some clen tomorrow as well, and start figuring out my tolerance, probably starting with 20mcg and upping the dose each day until it feels "right." It's probably just going to be Oxyflux, but whatever, I'm down anyway.

  9. I slept through my alarm this morning and had to run up to a meeting, hence, no actual weigh in. But pictures will be taken tomorrow morning nevertheless.

    I saw pictures of myself on my camera from about a month ago (a little bit before I started my log) and I have to say that my body is making nice progress (in my opinion). My chest is tighter and looks more developed and my arms look a bit more full you could say.

    I went grocery shopping today and was able to pick up some food for my carb up tomorrow. This time I am keeping it SERIOUSLY clean. Upon waking, I will do some cardio and abs first thing in the morning, also incorporating some sprints just to dip into any glucose reserves I may have. Immediately following the workout I will drink 7 servings of Gatorade (powder, no HFCS) equaling about 100g sugar. I'm pretty sure this will induce a decent insulin spike, lol. I also have 8 packages of sugar free oats which are going to equal out to 200g of carbs. Wow, well, looks like I didn't buy enough food. Anyway, I will hopefully be able to down a few boxes of wheat bran flakes, granola, or cheerios as well. I am shooting for 400g carbs tomorrow and the vast majority of my other calories will honestly just come from Isopure (because I need to mix something into my oats, lol).

    Today, however, I also was able to pick up two bottles of Oxyflux clen. I know that the rep oxyflux has is hit or miss, but it was all I was able to find at the pharmacy here. This equates to 100 tabs, which should last me two weeks before I cycle in Benedryll and will return back to the Leviathan (and I can pick up more clen then at the pharmacy as well).

    I popped my first 20mcg tab just about 10 minutes ago, and may even take one more depending on how I feel in about 5 hours or so.

    Today is going to be a nice shoulder workout with some cardio thrown in there as well. I have reservations at the steak house on board the ship tonight for me and this girl, and I can tell you it is going to be a war zone up there considering 25 dollars gets me literally all I can eat meals.

  10. Before my workout today I took another 20mcg tab of clen. I was not feeling too much of an affect after 1 tab, so I figured I would take a bit more before my workout just to see how it went...

    WOW. It was a bit different of a feeling. During the lifting I honestly felt a bit lethargic, but I was still able to get all of my sets in with pretty heavy weight... I thought I would just throw in a bit of cardio to see how it would go, so I put the treadmill at an incline and started going at a decent 3.5 mph. I could feel my body heat up within the first minute of moving. Every minute or so I would up the incline and I could just keep going. I was sweating quite a lot, and did not feel tired at all. I had one of the best endorphin highs ever, couldn't believe it.

    Was that the clen? Who knows. All I can say is I have never felt that warm so quickly when just walking up an incline.

    Tomorrow, I will pop 40mcg before hitting the gym first thing, and then throw in one more 20mcg in the late afternoon.

  11. Okay, so I woke up and took pictures today and I am trying to transfer them right now but it says network error or some crap after I try uploading them to photobucket, so I will try later on today.

    Anyway, I feel kinda ****ty today so I had to bypass the depletion workout. I may just go on the treadmill for a bit today at a really slow pace if I have time. We will see.

    10:00AM 40mcg Clen, 4-5 servings of Gatorade, 2 DCP
    Carbs: 60-75 (all sugar)
    12:30PM 4 packets of oatmeal, 1 box of complete bran cereal, 2 slices whole grain bread, a small handful of raisins
    Carbs: 175-200

    As you can see, I am trying to keep this carb up much more clean than the previous ones, considering I am supposed to start cutting calories after 4 weeks of being on the Anabolic Diet. I am feeling pretty good on the clen too, and I feel that I will be able to take that 3rd 20mcg tab in a couple hours without issues.

    I will return back to writing out more detailed nutrition for each day again, so that if for some reason, fat loss stalls, you guys can maybe fill me in on what is going on. I will be focusing mainly on chicken, tuna, olive oil (LOTS), green veggies, and trying to get in about 1 serving of red meat or burger each day.

  12. great resultsss

    im on 100mcg of clen now. I have SLIGHT shakes in my hands. lol

    keep it up

  13. The rest of the carb up went quite well. I allowed myself to enjoy some ice cream at Johnny Rockets later on in the evening with the woman friend.

    Anyway... YESTERDAY'S nutrition was as follows...

    Waking: 1 Scoop Isopure
    Late Breakfast: 6 egg whites, 1 piece chicken breast, asparagus, mushrooms
    Snack: 1 scoop isopure
    Dinner: 3 chicken breast, lettuce, olive oil
    Post Workout: 2 Scoops Isopure

  14. Obviously, I need to keep it cleaner now. I want to be utilizing the clen and the diet to the utmost cutting capability (to an extent, obviously).

    Yesterday was amazing. I was able to head out to South Beach to the nutrition store I always shopped at last time I was here. They remembered me, so I didn't mind just asking if they carried any prohormones. They placed Halovar and Cyclobolan on the counter and I was so happy I about creamed my pants. Anyway, I picked up the Halovar which I plan to running in about a month, and until then I also picked up Anabolic Edge and Incarnate to incorporate into the clen/LR split I will be running every two weeks. Soooo... updated supplement list...

    Anabolic Edge
    CEE (by ALRI)
    Fish Oil

    Today I will be taking to the clen up to 100mcg finally, and maybe even 120 if I am feeling alright.

    8:45AM: 2 whole eggs, 5 egg whites, a portion of smoked salmon, 3 CLA, 3 fish oil
    12:00PM: 1 bowl of tuna fish with onions and olive oil, 3 CLA, 3 Fish oil

    So far I have taken my 100mcg of clen... I feel amazing. I am ridiculously focused and full of energy. I have small jitters, and I would consider myself to be extremely tolerant of stims (I can go to sleep on ephedra). I may just hold the clen at 100 today, and maybe up it to 120 tomorrow depending on how the rest of today goes. Updated pics will probably be posted Friday morning and I will end up weighing in on Wednesday maybe when the ship is docked and not moving.

    4:15PM: Workout. I lifted legs hard enough and with enough intensity, then moved on and did some abs, followed by 30 minutes of walking up a incline and sweating bullets.

    5:30PM: Post Workout, 50g protein
    6:15PM: Two slices of roast beef (they had a special dinner in the passenger eating area for us, and believe me, this was the cleanest **** there), 3 CLA, 3 Fish oil
    10:00PM: 1 scoop Isopure
    12:00AM: 1 scoop Isopure

  15. good luck bro, keep it up, ill be following ur log

  16. Day 32

    Woke up today feeling tired as ****. Don't really know why, got some decent sleep, but anyway, no problems. Today is a rest day from the gym. Just so you guys know, my split is...:

    Sunday: Chest/Bi's
    Monday: Legs
    Tuesday: Off/cardio
    Wednesday: Back
    Thursday: Off/cardio
    Friday: Shoulders/Triceps
    Saturday: Depletion workout (normally consisting of circuit training abs and sprinting)

    10:30AM: 60mcg clen (plus other supps)
    11:45AM: 3 chicken breasts, broccoli, cauliflower, then a small bowl of cucumbers with a dab of blue cheese (I know, sorry, but it was a tiny amount)
    2:00PM: Popped another 40mcg clen and I am contemplating upping the daily dosage to 120mcg to test it out. If it gets to 5pm and I am feeling alright I will do so.
    5:00PM: 35g Isopure and popped another 20mcg clen for a total of 120mcg for the day. Chances are I will maintain this doseage since the maximum I will go is 160mcg. Also, I am still dosing fish oil and CLA at about 3g each with most meals/snacks to keep my fats in and for the recomping properties of CLA.
    7:00PM: 2 pieces of turkey breast, some broccoli, baby carrots (I know of the carbs in the baby carrots, but I was out to eat, not worried about them too much, there weren't many)
    9:00PM: 30g Isopure
    12:00AM: 25g Isopure

    I can't wait until I run that Halovar (halodrol) I picked up. Once again, it won't be starting for a month at the earliest, but I feel it will really help me maintain (if not gain) poundage as I continue cutting. Nolva is available for me, but I doubt it will be necessary since my past halodrol cycles resulted with no flare up or issues. I am also always loading fish oil and taking thistle and liver support so I should be ready to head into it without the need for a pre-load for a healthy liver/lipid profile. Exciting, exciting, exciting.

    Weigh in tomorrow (as long as I get up in time before our crew drill we do on Wednesdays) and pictures should be posted Saturday morning. Whether or not I choose to do my carb load on Saturday or skip it depends on how the mirror looks...I may just do a cheat meal at Johnny Rockets that night instead, however, I truly do not want my workouts to suffer. Any ideas on this?

  17. your doing greatt.. my progress is slowww.. i got up to 215. now im 211.. but i have a slimming feel.. ugh

  18. Schecter, just remember that Halodrol is a really good repartitioning PH. Chances are, you have cut some fat and in fact probably dropped water weight. I strongly doubt you have lost muscle if you have been lifting hard, eating good, and taking Halodrol. Post some pics somewhere! I can't wait to get on the halodrol I picked up, and may actually start the cycle after this first two weeks of clen, WHO KNOWS!

  19. i sttarted at 204 tho dude.. got up to 215.. lol

  20. Day 33
    Weight: 186.4

    Weighed in today and I feel that 186.4 is a pretty decent area to be at. The ship is standing still at the port so I am confident in that reading. Tonight is New Years Eve, obviously...and I was planning on getting absolutely smashed, but, instead, I think I will just have a few vodka clubs to keep dialed in on the diet and hopefully not slow down the process much more. I have lost all faith in keto sticks, lol, and do not go by their readings whatsoever. I did not check today but during yesterday, it was still saying that I had absolutely no ketones in my system. Oh well, whatever!

    8:45AM: 60mcg clen, 50g Isopure
    10:30AM: 60mcg clen
    11:30AM: I WAS STARVING. I felt so ****ty, I feel from the lack of calories the past few I decided to have a true anabolic diet meal: 4 pieces of cheese, two small bowss of crushed up hardboiled egg with some melted shredded cheese in it, 3 small pieces of pork chops (trimmed the excess fat), 3 smaller pieces of salmon
    4:00PM: 50g Isopure
    6:00PM: 25g Isopure

  21. Day 34

    So yeah, I ended up drinking enough last night. Sigh. I kept it solid though, vodka clubs and Jack and diets. Anyway, as I have said I feel I have lost a **** ton of weight, so I have increased calories, and will figure out if the increase should remain on Saturday when I weigh in. If there is still weight loss, then I will keep it where it is. Am I actually counting calories? No. But I am eating more calorically dense foods again (ground beef, cheese, etc) more often.

    10:30AM 1 scoop isopure
    1:00PM 1 burger patty with cheddar cheese and 2 bacon strips
    4:00PM 1.5 scoops isopure
    5:30PM 6 eggs, some mashed up hardboiled eggs, 5 slices of cheese, 1 piece of jerk chicken
    8:30PM 2 bacon cheeseburger patties with a grilled chicken salad
    11:30PM Plate of tandoori chicken wings

  22. Day 35

    I feel lethargic and my legs are back are killing me. I feel it may be a slight case of DOMS in the legs, and I did lift back 2 days ago pretty hard... who knows. I do not feel cramped up, so I doubt it has to do with the clen. Today I will be lifting shoulders around 10:00pm before my carb up tomorrow. Pictures will be taken tomorrow as well.

    I am so incredibly tempted to start my halodrol cycle tomorrow, but feel I will wait on it for a bit more.

    10:30AM: 120mcg clen
    11:45AM: Scrapped the toppings/cheese off of about 7 pieces of square pizza, had some tuna/cheese, bacon
    4:45PM: 1 scoop isopure
    6:00PM: 3 pieces chicken breast, romaine lettuce, olive oil
    8:30PM: 1 scoop isopure
    12:00AM: 2 scoops isopure

  23. Keep up the good work bro! I'm curious to see how the haladrol cycle works, i've heard some good things about it!

  24. I certainly owe an update. Honestly, I have just been lazy about updating and getting on the computer. However, here is the current situation...

    Finished up 2 weeks of clen and I cycled in the halodrol, my lifts are going great. I have increased my gym time, and upped the cardio a bit. My split is now more intense, I am hitting each body part about 3 times every 2 weeks. So now it is about 4-5 days rest between the big parts.

    In addition, I am skipping my carb up today and trying to stay in ketosis until I truly feel my workouts suffering. So far, everything is good and I would rather not carb load today. I may give myself a small spike tomorrow first thing in the morning with some gatorade and 3 Volumaize sample packets I have sitting around.

    I will weigh myself in tomorrow morning and see where that is at.

    I should have taken a picture of my back so you guys could see what is going on, my love handles are getting noticeably smaller. When I grab them, the handful is much much less than it was a month ago. This is part of my reasoning for staying in ketosis at the moment.

    I know the carb up is important and will continue to do it, but I am modifying my AD. I am thinking maybe doing a 2 week long diet span. At the end of week 1, do about 100-200 grams first thing in the morning or gatorade, then continue back to normal dieting for another week, and then do an actual 48 hours carb up on days 13 and 14. Who knows. Time will tell.

    I cycled in Leviathan again yesterday and feel pretty good on it. Pictures hopefully tomorrow if there is time.


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