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  1. Yeah, I agree. Isn't there a period between when you are carb depleted and when you are actually in ketosis where your body is like "wtf is going on? I have no glucose... what am I doing?" This is what I felt like for a few hours, but then I think that my body actaully started to produce ketones... hence... ketosis. And I then had my energy source back =). Hit me yesterday. I feel GREAT today, btw. Finished the log for the day, tried having a high calorie day, as you can see, since tomorrow will not be as intense (OH BLAST, I HAVE TO GO GROCERY SHOPPING TOMORROW, AIGH!!!) Anyway, I will buying a bunch of bags of pepperoni to take with me for the flight and snacks while in the hotel on Saturday, mmmmmmm, gonna keep it up. Also, what do you guys think about just doing whole body circuit training over the next week since I will not be carbing up for anotehr 9 days? Any ideas? I figured alternating between circuit training and cardio each day.

  2. that sounds like a good idea lucky ive been tihnking about it myself.

    btw i picked up a 5 pound bag of pep turkey from Bj's and a bunch of reddi whip and jello haha

  3. So I am going to go intense tomorrow and FREAK the body out. Just for one day. I just like to mix things up once in a while... this is my diet for the entire day...

    9 cans of Tuna Fish:
    Calories: 1,350
    Fat: 11.25
    Protein: 292.5
    Carbs: ZERO, a big, fat ZERO

    16 Servings Jello:
    Fat: 0
    Protien: <16g
    Carbs: 0, BIG FAT 0

    CLA: 12 grams
    Fish Oil: 12 grams

  4. Quote Originally Posted by LuckyKid57 View Post
    Yeah, I agree. Isn't there a period between when you are carb depleted and when you are actually in ketosis where your body is like "wtf is going on? I have no glucose... what am I doing?" This is what I felt like for a few hours, but then I think that my body actaully started to produce ketones... hence... ketosis. And I then had my energy source back =). Hit me yesterday. I feel GREAT today, btw. Finished the log for the day, tried having a high calorie day, as you can see, since tomorrow will not be as intense (OH BLAST, I HAVE TO GO GROCERY SHOPPING TOMORROW, AIGH!!!) Anyway, I will buying a bunch of bags of pepperoni to take with me for the flight and snacks while in the hotel on Saturday, mmmmmmm, gonna keep it up. Also, what do you guys think about just doing whole body circuit training over the next week since I will not be carbing up for anotehr 9 days? Any ideas? I figured alternating between circuit training and cardio each day.
    It's what's best described as a brain fog, you'll get over it. When your body needs glucose it will make it from fat albiet a very very low percentage somewhere around 2-3 percent and protein somewhere around 52 percent. When you feel the cravings for carbohydrates it's mental. Now here's the kicker.

    Ketosis isn't just fueled by ketones, it's ketones and free fatty acids. The body at first will utilize ketones and free fatty acids, the brain, CNS and I believe the heart will continue to require glucose indefinitely. The brain which requires 100 grams of glucose a day will slowly but surely start to use ketones while the rest of the body will switch to FFA's. At around 3 weeks the brain will use 70 percent in ketones and 30 percent in glucose for its requirements. The body will almost purely use FFA which make up much more of the caloric loss than ketones do.

    I kept my normal routine in my 2 week induction and did HIIT on cardio days. I did a mini carb up on the sixth day where I had around 300 carbs after working out and for a few hours after.
  5. Day 5

    Feeling good this morning! I am so ready to start traveling down to Miami to get back to work, and I am excited since it is like an Anabolic Dieters dream! Salmon, red meat, eggs, bacon, sausage... EVERY DAY... not to mention cakes and cookies and ice cream for my weekends... mmmm. Anyway, like I mentioned earlier, today is just a test of how crazy I can make this (and hopefully survive). Tuna fish and jell-o today...I know right? I'm stupid, but it's just one day and I want to see what it will be like cutting calories AND fat down pretty low after two days of super high caloric intake. I am still going to supplement with a good amount of CLA and fish oil just so that I have some form of energy for workouts and SURVIVAL, lol. Anyway, enough blabbing...

    10:15AM: 2 DCP, 2 LR
    11:30AM: 2 cans of tuna fish, 4 servings Jell-O, 3 fish oil, 3 CLA
    Calories: 400
    Fat: 8.5
    Protein: 65
    Carbs: 0
    1:30PM: 4 servings Jell-O
    Calories: 40
    Fat: 0
    Protein: <4
    Carbs: 0
    2:30: 2 DCP
    3 Honestly, I really just wanted eggs...sooo... 2 cups egg beaters, 3 CLA
    Calories: 270
    Fat: 3 (CLA)
    Protein: 48
    Carbs: 8
    5:45 PM: I was feeling really lethargic so I loaded up on pre-workouts... 3 DCP, 2 LR, 4 Endorphix, 8 Gakic HC (sample pack), 3 CEE tabs... WOA, started really freaking out at the gym and had tons of energy, probably due to the extra yohimbine in the gakic. Had a good workout, did a full body with circuit training upper body and super setting as well, and did some legs.
    7:30PM: Yeah, so about that tuna... I'm a POS, lol. The mom bought subs and what not, so I picked the meat off of the meatball sub and washed off all of the tomato sauce and also double checked that there were no very heavy carbs in the meatballs. It ended up only being a total of about 4 meatballs anyway. Ate those with a caesar side salad and some dressing. 3 CLA as well
    Calories: 400 (being generous)
    Fat: 20 (bit generous)
    Protein: 25
    Carbs: 10 (being generous)
    11:00PM: 7 servings egg beaters, 2 handfuls of almonds/walnuts, 3 g CLA
    Calories: 500
    Fat: 30
    Protein: 52
    Carbs: 15

    Sorry for the lack of tuna, but it was so nasty this morning I about died. Going to be doing some circuit training in a couple hours

    Note: Let it be known that each serving of Jell-O says "less than 1g protein per serving" as the only macronutrient. So obviously, that is going to end up being less than 10 calories per serving, but the box says 10 (as a result of just rounding up obviously). So in all actually, it is probably about 9 calories in 4 servings

    Well, I ended up being much lower in calories today than I normally am, and I feel better about it. Honesty, the crazy amount of sodium in the tuna bloated me out quickly, but I dropped the water weight fast.

  6. killl it bro killll it

  7. So here is one of my suitcases I am taking for when I go back to work... thought you guys might find it amusing... =)...

  8. Sir some of those are illegal, as self appointed officer of the law, i'll have to confiscate them all for testing on myself.

  9. Alright guys, I am going to be shutting down the computer and packing it in the bag. I will TRY to update tomorrow (I am pretty sure I can access internet in the hotel... most of them have WiFi these days). Even if I have to pay for it, I think I will just word document it and then paste it really fast. I will also try to get some good measurements on Sunday morning and maybe a new picture up on Monday. I will be a bit busier on Monday because about half of our band is going to be new cats, so we will have to rehearse the show for a bit and I will have sign on training, but who knows. Alright guys, I'm traveling tomorrow so I will talk to you all soon!

    If any of you are in Miami, hit me up! Crap I have all day there tomorrow! LoL. Also I will be in Miami every Sunday morning-afternoon for the next 6 months, so whatevs!
  10. Day 6

    I was unable to weigh in today because I had packed my scale away... so my next weigh in will probably not be until Monday morning because I am in the hotel and not boarding the ship until mid-day Sunday. ANYWAY...

    5:30AM: 2DCP followed by 1 packet of turkey pepperoni, 3 CLA, 3 Fish oil, 1 Multi
    8:45AM: 1 packet of turkey pepperoni
    1:15pm: 2 angus burgers with 4 slices swiss cheese melted on top and a small side salad, 3 CLA, 3 Fish Oil, 1 Multi

    Current notes: So far, so good. WORD OF CAUTION, stay off of egg beater during the week, honestly, they are not filling and with 1 gram of carb per serving... you can easily swallow down 8 g in one sitting just from egg beaters. I believe I am still in ketosis, however, I think the degree has lessened a bit, hence I am going hardcore on the fat and protein today, obviously as it should be. Good thing is, no egg beaters possible for the next 6 months.

    1:45PM: I took a much needed nap for about 3 hours, and then rolled out of bed to start preparing for some cardio...
    5:00PM: 3 DCP, 2 LR, 2 scoops Xtend, 2.25g cee
    5:45PM: WOW, did 30 minutes on the elliptical and 15 minutes walking up an incline at 3.5mph. I was sweating bullets and it felt great! Sipped on 2 scoops of Xtend throughout the workout.
    7:30: 2 DCP before dinner
    7:45PM: BUFFET FOR THE CREW, GRRRR! Started out with 3 pieces of chicken, it was a bit too lean for my taste so I had about a cup of green beans buttered down a little bit. I also had a massive salad: romaine lettuce, bunches of shredded cheese, some pepperoni pieces, ham, some cheese chunks, and ranch dressing. A good dose of fat and practically zero carbs. Feeling good. 3 CLA and 3 fish oil as well.

    That ended up being my final meal for the night as I do not have any more food with me. I plan on sipping on a couple more scoops of BCAA's just to keep the body going properly. I am feeling energetic, and hope this continues at least through tomorrow night so that I can have a really heavy chest workout and annihilate it.

    My goal is to be fully recomped to a very good standing within four months from this coming carb up. So some time in mid-april, I want to be fully recomped with abs poking through and the like. I have never been "ripped" and that is the plan. If you guys ever feel like I am slacking, or I could do something to turbo charge the fat burning process, let me know and kick my ass. I want this.

    Also, while I am in Mexico I will have access to the pharmacies. Would cycling in clen for 2 week cycles be a good idea you think? I am also planning on ordering some 11-oxo, probably about 3 bottles so I can get a full months worth and keep up the recomp shindig. Any ideas you have, let me know. Oh, and halodrol is always on my mind as I know it can really help in the cutting phases of a recomp/diet. FIll a brother in with what you think.

  11. Im on 800 calories for the day, i did 30min+ cardio. 22 min jog then 9 min jump rope and other various aerobics. It's my day 12. I'm finally getting into a really good 3 day streak of clean diet, and my bad habit cravings gone. keep it up lucky

  12. You're fine, what else did you eat?

    Being "deep in ketosis" is mostly a function of time in ketosis. I've eaten up to 40-50 grams of carbs and it hasn't thrown me off.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by ThomasRivera View Post
    You're fine, what else did you eat?

    Being "deep in ketosis" is mostly a function of time in ketosis. I've eaten up to 40-50 grams of carbs and it hasn't thrown me off.
    Yeah, I was talking about my meals on day 5. I feel better now, and I keep feeling lighter every day. Pants keep getting looser as well. I am planning on fully taking advantage of this coming week on the ship. Hopefully, I can get my butt out of bed early enough on most days to make breakfast. I was not able to get out in Miami today to pick up a protein supplement to take with me, so I am really going to have to focus on keeping the nutrients flowing. There are many opportunities to eat though while on board, but at least I could schedule in 3 shakes with 3 grams each of CLA/Fish oil into the day to really benefit the whole process. But salmon is starting tomorrow guys, YES!!!

  14. i would probaly go with h-drol over then clen. i just dont like the idea of having to deal with extreme shakes that **** kinda scares me. after i run this entire PAL stakk i wana try 1-t or h-drol on like a 3k CKD diet

  15. i take it ur in the navy? or work for a cruise liner?

  16. Yeah, I play in the bands for Royal Caribbean. It's pretty awesome. My days are generally pretty free so I have a lot of time to train while on board.
  17. Day 7

    Wow, looked at myself in the mirror today and noticed significant change since a week ago. The combination of dropping water and my metabolism seem to be taking its affect on me! I look a lot more slender in the waist (from the front and sides) and lines seem to start coming in going from bottom chest along my sides to my abs. Also... the lighting was good but let's not talk about that!

    5:45: 2 DCP, 2 LR
    6:30: 1 plate of scrambaled eggs, 1/2 plate of bacon, a couple pieces of sausage

    I do not know when I will be able to update today since I may not even get my card that let's me pay for stuff (hence, internet). If that is the case I will get my card tomorrow and update. But to lay out a plan, hopefully I will be eating a bunch of salmon and lettuce/olive oil/vinegar. That is the plan. I will either update late tonight or tomorrow.

  18. Keep it up lucky! I wake up morning in better shape than yesterday, and sounds like you are too.

  19. following along im really trying to dial in my cals and this is helping me to get them in check. i was doing so good on it awhile ago and i switched diets but im coming back to ole' faithful
  20. Day 9

    My gosh, FINALLY. I am so sorry guys. I have not been able to log on the internet for a few days since I have been signing on and what not. Anyway...

    Basically, my diet the last few days has been spot on. Been hitting a lot of salmon and some red meat with extra cheeses and some lettuce.

    Weighed in today at 196.4... WOW. A good amount of weight lost in only a little over a week while eating food I LOVE. I did have a few drinks last (vodka, Jack and Diet), so maybe I was a bit dehydrated but I always follow it up with about a liter or so of water before I go to sleep. Who knows. Sorry about the lame post for the day, I will be trying to get internet set up on MY computer in my room soon (I am in the crew internet cafe right now) and I will be able to post more detailed logs. Thanks for sticking with me everyone! Oh, and the body is looking a bit tighter, I am happy about it.

  21. Lucky i know is this way off topic kind of... FIRST GOOD WORK!

    Second... do you get alot of poon on that cruise line? Hahaha I went on... i cant remember which ship but it was a royal caribbean one 2 years ago and i was pulling 2 girls on only a 3 day 4 night cruise hahaha... it was great and i wasnt even shape and these two were smokin

  22. Workin on a cruise ship sounds bad ass lol. Except the PAY BY MINUTE internet, **** that.

    no Cell phone reception in the mid gulf? haha

  23. When or how often do you plan to update progress pix?
    Good luck!
  24. 12/11/08

    Uh, I am sorry guys about the lack of pics and what not. For some reason the internet on my computer is not working when I try to log in from over there, so I am still on the public computers (and my pics are on my computer). I am hoping it will be working, as I do want to be uploading pictures weekly.

    I do not remember if I mentioned it before, but starting this Saturday (my first carb up, which is, in my opinion, when the diet actually turns into the Anabolic Diet as opposed to a keto plan) I am giving myself 4 months to be completely recomped. So feel free to keep annihilating me on here!

    I am thinking I can try to upload pictures from maybe Miami this Sunday if there is time for me, or I know there is a Starbucks in San Juan (that would be Tuesday). I did not have time to weigh in today, but like I said, the mirror looks better and better every day.


    Wake: 8:15 2 DCP/2 LR
    Breakfast 8:45 1.5 plates of eggs and a very good amount of bacon
    Lunch: Plateful of chicken fajita meat with a tiny bit of guacamole.
    Dinner: CREW BARBECUE NIGHT. 3 burger patties, plate of salad, generous slab of turkey cold cuts and some cheese

    There WILL be a weigh in tomorrow by the way. And maybe I can talk to the office to get my internet set up.

    Workouts: They have been GREAT. Wow, I have massive amounts of energy in the gym, and I am still maintaining my cardio endurance as I can combine long term cardio with sprints as well. Today is legs day (YEEESSSSSS) and we will see what that does for me over the next few days (my metabolism REALLY gets a burst whenever I do legs... I can almost feel it for about 36 hours after being revved up if I really hit them hard).

    Yes, I get wonderful poon on cruise ships, it is truly ridiculous, and all of you should join me here so that we can endulge in the fruits of our labor. =)

    WORKOUT: I hit legs hard today, really nice. Ran hack squats, lunges, leg extensions, and deadlifts. Followed by 20 minutes of cardio on the elliptical trainer.

    WEIGH IN TOMORROW. If I have lost more weight, then honestly, everyone will need to consider hitting this plan while cutting. It has been nearly impossible for me to put on weight (which is good, since I do have pounds to cut).

    How does the body look? When grabbing my waist and upper waist there is a noticeably smaller amount of fat than what used to be there. Also, my lower back love handles are getting smaller and my pants are fitting a bit looser. My chest is looking more defined, and the shoulders are showing more seperation between each delt head. I am always DREADING that carb up coming on Saturday because I am really happy with progress so far, but I know the carbohydrates are imperative for the actual plan and so that I can maintain more GROWTH each week.

  25. VEEEEEERRRYYY NICE! I thought about working on a cruise ship for awhile. I think mostly because of the awesome impression the bartender from the... i dunno it was like the salsa lounge bar right outside the casino... he was the ****.

    I told him i was gonna bang this chick but i didnt have a condom and the next night as he's handing me a drink he;s handing me a condom at the same time. I was liek damn a brothers got my back! ha
  26. Day 12

    Weight: 196.4

    AIGH. So I did not lose any weight since my last weigh in, which I feel was in part to a combination of being dehydrated and MAYBE overeating lately. But, as I said, I still look better in the mirror every day (IMO). There will be another weigh in tomorrow morning before I start my first carb up, which will be kept clean, btw.

    As far as supps are concerned, I realize I am not keeping a great log on them lately. Here is a rough layout of how my supplementation goes...:
    Wake: 2 DCP, 2 LR, 2.5g CEE
    Pre-WO: 3 DCP, 2 LR, 4-6 endorphix, 2.5g CEE
    Xtend/BCAA'S/Glutamine: Sipped on all day long
    2 DCP at another time later in the evening
    2 DCP before bed
    At least 9g CLA and 9g Fish Oil

    Food today was much cleaner. Woke up late but with lunch only a half hour away.

    M1: Chicken breast, romaine lettuce, ham, olive oil
    M2: Chicken breast, romaine lettuce ham, olive
    M3: 1 can tuna fish
    M4: 1 bag of regular beef jerkey (12g carbs)

    Lifted back very heavy today, it felt good. Biceps were able to get pumped.

    I am looking a bit "flat" in the chest and arms lately. I am excited for my workout on Sunday after my carb up tomorrow (Saturday). It will be chest day, so I know my front delts and triceps will look pretty nice for a few days I can imagine.

    I am still happy with my weight lose, just a bit dissapointed atm because of the lack of 100% discipline. I still stayed within the regs of the diet, but do believe that I overate a bit. I am not normally a heavy drinker, and offer no excuse for that, just the explanation that it was a bit of a celebration and I did choose to partake.

    Anyway, weigh in tomorrow again and hopefully the results will be there.
  27. 12/14/08

    Yesterday was my first carb up day, and I have to say I was incredibly surprised at the way my body reacted. My breakfast consisted of 2 mini boxes of rice crispies, 6 egg whites, 3 mini boxes of cheerios, and some skittles. I blew up by lunch time. Lunch was a massive plate of pasta with tomato sauce. Dinner was a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread and some jalepenos. Tastes good.

    I woke up this morning and actually looked thin, I was in a rush to get to work (we were in a code red sanitation thing and had to sanitize the entire ship starting 8 am, so I couldn't weigh in).

    8:00AM 1 can tuna fish
    11:45AM Fish, beef steak, lettuce
    2:00PM 1 scoop isopure (FINALLY GOT MY PROTEIN)
    3:00PM 1 scoop isopure
    6:45PM 3 chicken breasts (2 regular sized ones you would say), lettuce, olive oil
    10:30PM 2 pieces of salmon steak and broccoli

    I lifted chest today and it was AMAZING. I increased weight on my incline DB and was able to maintain reps and form the entire workout. I started breaking a massive sweat.

    I also invested 6 bucks into some chromium pic. I have actually noticed results with this in the past. It is just a bit of an insurance policy that I utilize my glucose up and hopeully hit ketosis a bit quicker during the week.

    I am sorry for the lame posts lately. I got a bit of a promotion in the band and have been given a few more responsibilities and this past week has been rather hectic with rehearsals for many new guys in the band and also having to sanitize. ANYWAY...seriously a weigh in tomorrow and I will try my best to get some updated pictures up while in port on either Tuesday or Wednesday (which is my day off, so I should def be able to by then).

  28. i used to use isopure, good stuff
  29. 12/15/08

    Weight: 188

    The weigh in can't be correct. Honestly, it is too much of a weight loss and we are sailing through a really bumpy area in the ocean. Pretty big swells. The scale was fluctuating between 175-225, so it is not really accurate. HOWEVER, more noticeable results in the body. I know it will continue. I felt a bit lethargic today before my workout, I believe in part to the ship rocking so much, but it may have been me entering back into ketosis, who knows. Anyway...

    10:30AM 2 DCP, 2 LR, 3 CEE
    11:45AM 2 pieces of beefsteak, 4 smaller pieces of salmon, half a plate of broccoli, 3 CLA, 3 Fish Oil
    2:45PM 1 scoop isopure, 3 CLA, 3 Fish Oil
    3:30PM 3 DCP, 2 LR, 6 Endorphix (btw, this stuff works for me, zones me in), 3 CEE
    4:00 Legs day. Hack squat, leg press, leg extension, dead lifts
    Maintained relativley heavy weight. Broke a ridiculous sweat while lifting which is always nice. I tried throwing in some cardio but felt horrible because I could see the water with the ship rocking like crazy. Sipped on Xtend throughout
    5:00PM 1.5 scoops isopure
    6:00PM 6-8 oz turkey breast, cucumbers with some shredded cheese and drops of ranch dressing, 4 pieces of salami, 4 pieces of cheese, 1/4 oz of sunflower seeds, 3 CLA, 3 Fish oil
    10:00PM 1 Scoop isopure, 3 CLA, 3 Fish Oil

    I WILL be taking pictures tomorrow in hopes of having time to run over to load some pictures up in San Juan tomorrow. They have WiFi in a large area in the city which is great, so it should not be a problem as long as I have the time to get off.

    I know I keep saying it, but I am now seeing irrefutable results in my body. And I can feel "less fat" on me. The carb up seemed to really mess with me, in a good way. I am feeling that I can take a bit more advantage of it in all honesty and increase the amount of time I carb up. I may invest in some of my own oatmeal so I can really take in loads of carbs throughout the day. I am thinking about pounding a couple servings of gatorade first thing in the morning, and then continuing with oats.

  30. I took pictures this morning and will hopefully have them posted today when I get to San Juan today. I also have the day off tomorrow, so it would be then by the latest. There is more definition in my stomache in the first picture, and I took a side shot as well. I should at least be taking a waist measurment each week or so, that way if I do not have a chance to upload pics that week, you guys at least have some general idea of the type of progress moving along. I will try to remember to take a measurement tomorrow morning.

  31. So I can't find the stupid connection cable for my camera, but I was able to take pictures straight from my computer and I guess the quality is alright!? I notice in the difference in the pictures less flab on my right side love handle and a bit more definition in the abs. I am retaining a bit of water here since eating a massive breakfast with a bit of salt (bacon) this morning. Doesn't concern me. For 2 weeks I am happy with the results...

  32. lookin damn good bro. keep it up.

  33. Subbed.

  34. Update!

  35. Sorry about the missed update yesterday guys! Things were a little bit busy for me, but I got the internet working in my room now! So I can update pictures a bit more often and consistently. I am thinking Wednesdays will be good.

    The nutrition really does not change much. So constantly telling you guys my meals is truly just going to get tedious, and will provide you with no new information to read. What I will do is log my carb up day/days with a lot of detail, so as to figure out what is going on during the rest of the week.

    Weigh ins can really only be done when the ship is docked, the movement of the ship ****s with the scale.

    Anyway, my workout yesterday was just some cardio and abs. Did about a 10 minute ab workout, then followed that up with the elliptical for 15 minutes to get circulation through the entire body, and then walked up an incline for 20 minutes.

    Today will be shoulders with some triceps thrown in there. I am feeling really good, not lethargic at all, so I plan on going quite heavy (for me) with a high amount of sets. Generally, 10 reps per set. Here is what I will target for shoulders:

    Rear Military Press: 5x10
    Front Military Press: 5x10
    Side Lat/Delt Raises: 4x10
    Crossover Cable Pulls: 3x10
    Rope Push Down: 3x10
    Straigh Bar Push Down: 3x10

    I may throw in a bit of cardio afterwards depending on how I am feeling.

  36. Good good, i like the incline walking around 4mph.. Some body builder girl on the forums recommended it and well, I never thought it would get my HR up to 140-155 haha..

    keep it up

  37. 12/20/08

    Carb up day 2!!!

    Woke up this morning and decided it would be a good idea to hit the gym to rid the body of any excess glucose that may be in my system. I did 3 circuits of abdominal/core exercises... Crunches, leg raises, oblique twists, and supermans. I then went on the treadmill and walked at an incline for 5 minutes, did about 10 minutes of a couple sprinting intervals, and then did another 10 minutes of walking up an incline.

    Then... the fun began...

    1 box low fat granola
    3 boxes complete bran cereal
    2 skim milk containers
    1 plateful of pasta with tomato sauce
    1 small pack of gummi bears
    1 bag of chex mix
    3 small sugar filled dessert type things (low in fat)

    It is now almost 3pm and I am feeling my arms getting nice and tight, it is such a crazy feeling, I love it. I am not experiencing a huge bloat either, which I am surprised at. I chose to supplement with 400mcg chromium pic to aid in the glucose delivery, and I will probably end up popping another 400mcg tonight with dinner (around 6:30).

    I am still going to stick to this one day carb up shindig this week, and will probably continue it for a while as long as my body changes the way I want it to be. Tomorrow is chest day, and I can't wait.

    3 boxes of low fat granola
    1 box fruit loops
    1 box coco krispies
    1 box corn pops
    1 box frosted flakes
    2 small rolls
    2 pop tarts
    1 bag chex mix
    (uh, wow)

  38. subbed!!! looking to do almost exact same.. keto diet with dcp/levi ...
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  39. Sorry I couldn't update yesterday guys, the internet was giving me ****. I finished up my carb up with a chicken caesar salad and a big chocolate sundae at Johnny Rockets (we have one on the ship =)).

    Yesterday was a normal day for me, and it felt GREAT. I kept it at pretty much zero carbs all day and believe that I slipped into ketosis today during my workout.

    Last night, I lifted chest and biceps and I had the most ridiculous pump of my life. Seriously, it looked like I was on cycle. My body just exploded in the gym. Today I did legs and abs, and I did feel rather lethargic. It was a long workout, and I also ended up doing about 20 minutes of cardio afterwards.

    I will try to get some pictures up on Wednesday morning, and if not by then then def by Friday. I am also probably going to pick up some clen in Cozumel on Friday to maybe start cycling that in there for 2 weeks at a time, then taking Benadryll and Levi during the other 2 weeks. I have to do a bit more research on it in these couple days, but I feel it will help out even more.

  40. I'm taking clen at the end of my hdrol cycle i actually tested 20mcg today just for fun.. I'm going to be putting up new pics too soon.. good luck, and dont forget your taurine supp.


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