In Iraq, Dont want to make same mistake.

  1. In Iraq, Dont want to make same mistake.

    Hey guys,
    Im new to this AM space thing so here it goes. Im 22 years old in Iraq for my second deployment. When i came over here the fist time i was 185 lbs. After going home i had gained 15 pounds and an unsightly stomach. I dont want to make that mistake again. I go to the gym Mon-Sat every day after work. Everyday i do about 30 minutes of cardio usually varying between treadmill and bike. Then i do chest and tri's on Mon and THU, Back, Bi's and shoulders on TUE and FRI, and Legs on WED and SAT. I eating as best as i can with the army menu. Any ideas on what exercises and/or stacks will help me lose 15 pounds and a few inches off my 40" waist before i go home for leave in FEB would be great. I would like to surprise my wife with a body ready for that Jamaican cruise i want to take her on. If you need more info just ask... ill tell you what i cant to the best of my knowledge.


  2. Jeff,

    I feel your pain as I am over here with you as well. As I know the food is the toughest part of eating right it is possible, just stick with the cardio and weightlifting but be cautious of burning yourself out to fast.

    Cruise the weight loss section and for supplements look through the supplement forum, there are many fat-loss stacks that people have reviewed and given judgement on. Best advice you'll get right at this moment is to read read read around.

    Welcome to the board and stay safe, glad I got 3 months left til I'm outa this joint.

  3. Well, your discipline to get to the gym is in check. Try mixing up your cardio routines. I know you are doing 30 minutes on the mill or the about switching it up. 1 day, do some interval training for 20 minutes or so, the next do 45 minutes at a nice 65%-70% HR. While lifting, try to keep the rest between sets short, so as to keep the heart rate going.

    I'm not in the military, so I am not sure how the food is. But just try focusing on getting your carbs in at breakfast and directly after your workouts. Focus on some green veggies and meat at other times of day. 5-6 times a day, eat something. 3 good solid meals and 2-3 shakes will keep the metabolism going. Is that possible with your schedule? I wish I could be more specific instead of just laying out the basics, but I have no idea what you are going through, lol.

    Either way, good luck to both of you and get home safe!

    As far as stacks...let's stay away from the thermogenics for now and focus on breaking down the fat to be used during those workouts. Check out DCP by RPN to help out with this. Also, if they are feeing you a lot of carbs, look into Anabolic Pump by USP. Thermogenics are GREAT products, but maybe wait a bit until you are in a nice solid routine or diet and training, then implement one to SUPPLEMENT your already awesome plan!
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  4. Look into the Anabolic Diet or any other CKD (Cyclical Ketogenic Diet). It seems to be a little less strict as far as what you need to eat. As long as you can get tons of fat and protein during the week and carbs on the weekend.

    Can't post the link, my post count is too low. The thread is in this section and is called "Step By Step Keto Diet Plan!" Check it out.

    Good luck and stay safe out there bro.

  5. Hey Jeff,
    I know how it is over there, as I just got back from Iraq in Nov. I actually found it quite easy to follow a ckd(ish) diet. I was able to drop from around 24% bf to 15% bf in the time I finally got serious about it. I wish I would have started off right when I got to Iraq, but the last three months is when I started to hit it hard, tracked my diet using the diet tracker tool here at AM, and tracked my workouts.

    What I found to be the easiest was to always just look for the chicken breasts and then take a couple to go plates away filled with them and salad. If there were none, I'd go for the next leanest meat. Every meal I would have at least 1-2 cups of salad with olive oil as dressing.

    Since I've been back, my eating habbits came back, I kept putting off going to the gym to stay home and play CoD5 and play with my dog and whatnot. But this past week I got my ass in gear and started hitting the gym again and started to watch my eating habbits. Coming home has been the hardest part for me....wish I was still there!

    Stay safe and keep your head down!

  6. I'm over here as well The biggest thing is diet and staying away from all the crap they feed you in the chow hall. There are not many good choices there you need to really be disiplined and stay away from the fried food and dessert bar


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