New Here...and starting from scratch again

  1. New Here...and starting from scratch again

    Hey gang,

    Been lurking for a bit now and need a little guidence.

    Long story short, I've slacked for a few years now and am finally fed up. I'm about 5'10", 230lbs and think I need to be sub 200lbs just to feel good again.

    I've been athletic my whole life and think I have relatively good genes. A few years ago I had a max bench of 325lbs and could squat well over 400lbs and had BF% in the mid to low teens. Alas those days are gone.

    I'm also 32 so I'm not the kid I think I am in my older guys will likely know what I mean.

    For a guy my size, what you recomend as a daily caloric target?

    I've already begun to manage my portions and manage my carb intake, but just want to make sure that I'm not kicking my self into starvation mode.

    I suspect you've all answered this question too many times before, but how 'bout one more time for old time sake.


    ps - This seems to be a great crowd. I don't think I've read one thread that had any blatent negativity....even towards fatty's like me. It is motivating!

  2. So I've been doing some home-based exercises recently but today I got back into the gym.

    I was surprise that I hadn't lost a huge amount of strength. I expected to be a totally wuzz in there.

    I was working by myself with no spot and was benching and squatting two plates. It's not much compared to some of you monsters here but I thought it was pretty good for day one.

  3. Glad to see you're getting back into it! Caloric goals are very dependant on your exercise/lifestyle. What sort of job/daily activities do you do, how much cardio etc. For cardio I like HIIT on non-weight days or fasted, and on weight training days do 20-30minutes low-intensity PWO.

    I'm on a mini-cut right now, and I'm doing some circuit work, 4 exercises continuous then 90s break afterwards and it's pretty brutal but working. You can also consider a CKD diet (minimal carbs).

    Browsing old threads in this forum has a bunch of good threads, just click on the interesting ones, like The Master Thread: Cutting
    1st Time Cutting, Advise

  4. Thanks for the response.

    As for my lifestyle...that's what needs changing. I got in the typical 9-5 rut.

    Now though and what I hope to maintain during the winter:

    --> m-w-f head into the gym. Do a few muscle groups per workout and some pwo light cardio
    --> t-t-s I plan to do some early morening HIIT
    Also, on Thursday nights I play competitve indoor soccer.

    When warmer weather comes again I'll do a few long rides a week on my road bike and likely join a summer soccer league.

    With all that said, I think diet needs to be my biggest focus and historically has been my biggest challenge.

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