Leviathan after PHs?

  1. Leviathan after PHs?

    Just curious...I noticed Leviathan Reloaded says it increases natty test. --I finished a PH cycle about a month ago, and am at the tail end of my PCT.

    ..is it a bad idea to use something like Leviathan soon after PCT? Or does it really effect hormone levels that much? I'll most likely just be going supplement free for a while (outside o protein & MRPs), but am curious.

    thanx people.

  2. i would say just go for it if u did a proper pct and ur body is producing its own test normally again. a natty test booster is exactly that doesnt shut down ur bodys natural production. if ur worried bout ur test levels get some bloodwork done but that shouldnt be a prob if u need to cut more. look into mitotropin first though rich gaspari is a madman when it comes to crazy effective supps.

  3. Well I would just look into the Levi/DCP stack.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by allstar View Post
    Well I would just look into the Levi/DCP stack.

    yah i was sorta planning for the Levi/DCP stack...freakin out of stock!

    I may just do a high dosed CLA and DCP stack.

    So, you guys don't see a problem being on natty test boosters too long? Natty test boosters are part of my PCT as well.

  5. EBall my brother, I don't see a problem with running Levi afterwards. It's a nice, clean product, and as stated before it will help raise test levels naturally. The decline in test after a prohormone will be greater than the rise in test from something like Levi (hopefully, this makes sense). If anything, is is just going to make sure that your hormones stay in check, imo.

    (I also hope so...because I am implementing Levi soon after my PH run, lol...we are most certainly in the same boat =) ).


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