i want to start carb cycling this week to try and break this plateau in fat loss.

I'm thinking of going something like this.

My BMR: 2100kcals
bodyfat: 17%
total mass: 182lbs

Monday(no weight training)
c: 110g p: 180g f: 42g cals: 1528

Tuesday(no weight training)
c: 100g p: 180g f: 42g cals: 1488

Wednesday(weight training)
c: 220g p: 180g f:42g cals:~ 1960

thursday(weight training)
c:220g p:180g f:42g cals:~ 1960

friday(no weight training)
c:100g p:180g f:42g cals:~ 1488

Saturday/ sunday
c: 250g p: 180g f:42g cals:~ 2100

~ roughly

Is this good enough for effective carb cycling, are the carbs going low enough and high enough? This follows a pattern of my work schedule and gym rather than a fixed 3 days low 3 days high or something like that.