84 day Log to success

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  1. Smile 84 day Log to success

    November 24th - February 15th
    (For ease of reading purposes, I will just "edit" this post instead of replying to my own thread)

    INTRODUCTION: First off guys, my names Darrell. I'm from Houston, Texas and currently stuck in miserable Shreveport, LA. Being stuck in this place per job reasons is probably the biggest reason I've stacked on the weight lately, but thats going to change. I put in my 2 month notice and headed home. "Well D what is it that you do in shreveport?" I'm a general manager over an 18 wheeler repair/maintenance facility. We work on TRUCKS. I'm just relocating back to Houston to be a TECH. Hell its so busy in Houston I can make more with the step down (commission based).

    Goals: I want to be ~10% body fat in 12 weeks. I'm Guessing I'm 20-26% currently. I was down to 18% and making great progress. (I used to be 260lbs, got down to 185 in a years time frame) So I'm familiar with the dedication it takes to get there.

    NOTE:I will update this Log DAILY on things such as weight, mood, my gym experience that day, what kind of cardio/lifting I did, how well I'm sticking to my diet. It should be exciting, and should be a roller coaster of events, but hopefully at the end of this ride I'll have a lot more space between me and the safety harness if you get my drift.

    I will also put up a WEEKLY picture to show my progress, It will containt a frontal & profile view.

    ============================== =================

    Monday, NOV24-Day1
    I just created this log for me to better stick to my program. I've done something similar in the past, but was iffy to post pics. However I know what I look like underneath the fat an so should you. I'm going to post an OLD pic from exactly 11months ago. AS WELL as today's 2 weekly photos.

    Food (so far):Breakfast, 450calories: 2 corn tortillas (200cals) with fajita chicken(120cals) 20g protein,Non fat chese(60 cals) 8g protein, Cottage cheese on top (60cals) 15g protein.

    (I stick to non fat foods or low fat. The corn tortillas have alot of carbs but since they are made from corn, It's derived of maltodextrin, one of the hardest carbs to breakdown. Combine it with some sort of whole protein (chicken) the carbs become trapped in the glycogen nets of the protein, therefore slowing the process some more.)

    Supps: I take venom in the morning, to curb the appetite. I also take 1 scoop, I beleive thats half serving, of cytogainer. Its chalked full of maltodextrin and also has 8g sugar. combined with the 30g protein or so it is, It makes for a great post workout shake. Anyone familiar with Insulin rush?

    Workout: I'm headed to the gym right after this. I'm going to be doing a core type 5x5 workout where I hit the major muscles hard. Major muscle workouts promote fat loss. "Oh D don't you know more reps is better for fat loss". Anykind of weight training is awesome for fat loss. My workout however is more dynamic than that. I will hit the MAJOR muscle groups with the 5x5 strength workout. THEN on the secondary muscle groups such as biceps and lateral pectoralis I will do a 2x12 3x8 type workout. After its all said and done, I will run 1 mile afterwards. And on my OFF days, I will run 3 miles. ( I may be fat but I can run 3 miles in 36 minutes still. Whats in your wallet?)

    WEEKLY PICS: I will post later, I need 50 posts first lol ... coming soon.

  2. Sphecter, baby, where you at!? Let's update this mofo, keep going!

  3. looks fun bro gl

  4. Get posting!!!
    Think training's hard,. try losing!

  5. 11-30-08 ****KKK

    lol sorry guys thanksgiving + end of month at work has been kicking my ass, worked 16 hrs the other day to get the job done.


    Diets great, Venom always does a good job for me. Haven't checked the weight yet, but I have the slimming feel.

    Thanksgiving report: turkey + chicken salad and 2 pieces of fudge.. lol i had to, momma made it.
    Weight training: Ever get the feeling that your not pushing as much weight as you should. Last week on chest I was working out with 225 on bench, this week i was tired on 185.. dissapointing. I'm obviously missing SOMETHING in my diet. Any suggestions?
    p.s. i love cytogainer. I use 1-2 scoops with loads of ice + cinnamin(sp)

    My friend suggested me take h-drol with cycle support and AI's post cycle therapy. any input?

    Ive done a few ph cycles in the past, nothing big.. testabolan w/ 6oxo pct'd with nolvadex. I kinda wanna get this done the natural way, but I'm feelin the urge for a boost. I think I will wait a good week to see where I stand then.

    I still hate my job. we had 8000$ in inventory shrink this month, lol. ****. (semi-annual 100% count)

  6. Yeah Schecter, good deal! I'm starting my recomp tomorrow and have the log set up in this same forum, feel free to follow along! Let's support each other and KILL THIS!

  7. about the h-drol, i would definatly consider it as I am about to run a cut and incorporate it in there. OTC PCT would definatly be ok with a mild h-drol run, but if you can try to have a SERM on hand

    im going with 50/50/75/75/100. PCT will consist of PCS, 6-oxo, and lean FX.

  8. Give me an example of a product considered a SERM lol, I've been out of this game so long, back when gaspari nutrition novadex xt was the "shiiz"

  9. most popular would be nolvadex,(tamoxifen citrate) or clomid

    serm= selective estrogen receptor modulators

  10. You guy's and your abbreviations. lol. I was thinking about introducing clen mid-cycle. All I hear are good things.

    BTW just ordered SP and HDROL. I guess this has just changed to my PH cycle log? lol

    Dream lean.

  11. Started my H-DROL cycle today..

    25/50/50/75/50/25 Compared to most of the cycles I've seen this dosage is low, and is extended a weak. My hopes are to get a slight anabolic but MOSTLY anti-catabolic booster from it as I am cutting. on my 2nd to last week I will introduce 6-oxo at a high dosage not set yet. and slope down for 4 weeks (using cycle support all the way through, and PCS on the last week of hdrol. I will also introduce CLEN to the mix 2 weeks on 2weeks off for two cycles. I will keep you posted on how it goes.. I really need to go get some LEANER groceries tomorrow.

    Any food recommendations? I know what I normally eat on cuts. What do you guys do?

  12. Today was a great day. stuck to a clean diet. Cycle support tastes AMAZING. I'm really confident right now that I'm going to be 185-195 by the end of january.

  13. any particular training method you are following right now? and what about macro counts, or are you going by feel?

  14. This morning and last night.. I FEEL LIKE IM STARVING.. and im not. Its not just common oh i want something to eat. It's a burning in my stomache. I guess the orange perch didnt hit the spot good enough last night.

  15. I count calories fat and protein. I don't count carbs much I just stay away from simple carbs and carbs at a certain time during the day. Some items I guesstimate usually over what I really think it is. I'm open to suggestions.

  16. sounds like a good plan to me,
    hunger pains suck really bad

  17. Woot today was amazing.. 3rd day on HDROL @ 25+ CS. I feel alot of energy, not sure where from. I'm excited again about getting in shape. I feel like I can accomplish anything right now.

    Today's diet: 1.5 scoops (3/8's serving, as 4 scoops = 1 serving) of cytogainer with 1 scoop cycle support, 220ish calories.
    1 glass metamucil orange 40 cals. then workout, right now healthy choice shrimp + chicken microwaveable. 300 cals 33g carbs and 17 g protein, mostly fiber carbs from vegi and rice. downing this with another protein shake exactly same as above with CS added.

    Workout, today i didnt do anything heavy or any compound core workout. I just did accessory muscles and toning workouts. calf raises 5x15 up to 225 lbs, concentration curls 30lbs x 15 each arm. then i did a micro super set. 40 lbs ezbar grip at most inner section, do a stiffed/straight legged dead lift (works lower back) then when ur all the way up do 3 curls x 5. then went to 60 lb ez bar 1 stiffed leg with 1 curl x 8 . tricep pull down 2 x 12, straight/stiffed arm pull down using lat pulldown machine standing. 2x10. Ran 2 miles, 22min. jump rope 3 x 3minutes. abs then pushups.


  18. looking good brother! how are the hunger pains today?

  19. No hunger pains today man, im sitting on 1500 calories or less

    venom+metamucil = ultimate appettite suppressant

  20. why so low on the calories bro?

  21. I'm cutting. end of day was 1800ish cals. right on target.

  22. oh never mind when you said 1500 calories you meant at that point in the day i thought you meant thats what you were doing it daily

  23. haha yea, i dunno what todays calories are, i had a 6 inch tuna sub american cheese mayo and jalepenos .. a small egg sandwhich whoopsl ol. . lots of water.. protein shake. after workout, chicken breast cottage cheese, spinach small protein shake.

    everything lookin good

  24. HDROL is amazing.

    My motivation and execution of proper diet and training is spot on.

    I can't wait for this cycle to be over to see myself.

  25. lookin leaner in the mirror?


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