protein as calories (please only answer if you know)

  1. protein as calories (please only answer if you know)

    Okay im putting together my diet (i do this a lot and im good at it) but i was curious about something. I am getting 4042 calories as calculated by fitday and 1080 of those calories are from protein.. BUT.. how should that work.. should it be that i get in enough calories (not including protein) to meet my bmr, then the rest of the calories should be protein for growth? i dont want my prescious protein getting converted to glucose especially since im on m-1-t

  2. hey bro Need to know what you are trying to do. This question is a bit unusual to me so try and explain it a bit better I can help if you want to explain it a bit more and let me know your goals...


  3. The protein counts towards your total calories. Unless that program isn't adding them in for some reason.

    The only way to tell if your not getting enough cals in, is your progress. I always take in 2xlb/bodyweight and the rest I split up into carbs, fats. And cycle my carbs on rest days.

    The only way that protein will be used as energy is if your body runs out of carbs and then fats. Remember, any type of calories will trigger an insulin response, just some more than others.

  4. Actually, Jergo not to disagree, but your protein is broken down then sent to the liver were the liver can release aminos(protein) into the amino acid pool or can be deaminated it to carbohydrates. This is done not by the lack of carbs or fat, but by how much protein or amino acids you have in your system. Also protein actually makes the body produce glucogon an enzime that actually stifles insulin. So although I think your theory is right(as far as the protein uptake is concerned) the way you came about it is not sientifically correct. I have not heard from the original postr just yet but BMR is totally null and void for this question in reality what you need to know is your TEE or total energy expenditure. this is how many calories you would need for a whole day with activities such as working out working or lack there of and the thermagenic effect of food. I assume the 4000 or so calories is based on that figure so BMR is again null. And Jergo is right it should be already added in to your total count. Which would put you at about 26% protien per day. great for a normal person, but you might want to add some more as you are trying to gain LBM I assume.


  5. Yeah, that makes more sense. I did not know the actual process(es) that proteins go through. Interesting.....



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