Nutrition Project.

  1. Nutrition Project FINAL PAPER.

    K i have an outline due tommorow in my nutrition class and my topic is Nutrition and Exercise. Can anybody come up with sum key points for the outline for me?

    Also any good websiteS?
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  2. Some basic stuff is that you need a 3500 calorie deficit a week to lose 1 pound.

    Drink plenty of water, I believe it's .67 ounces per pound of bodyweight according to the NSCA.

    You probably should talk about traditional diets which are high in carbs, and moderate in protein and fat. You'll lose your professor if start talking about CKD diets, or super high protein diets.

    Talk ab out the energy sources your body uses during anaerobic, and aerobic activity.

    You may wanna include a diagram of YOUR nutrition pyramid with percentages, and foods, etc.

    Point out health benefits to exercise such as improved body composition, lower risk of diabetes and coronary heart disease etc.

  3. Thanks alot bro....

  4. email me or pm me bro I can hook you up!!



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